With #NextGenEU we will have:

⚡ 5G and ultrafast EU-wide broadband

🏡 Smart cities

🔒 Safer online shopping

🧠 Developments in AI to fight climate change, improve healthcare, transport and education.

Visit our website to discover more 👉europa.eu/!bm69mtV


@EC_DIGIT I would rather live in dumb cities. We need fewer sensors in public spaces, not more. Our freedoms are being sacrificed for data, data that don’t accurately reflect reality any way. Keeping a record of everything means destroying the freedom to make mistakes, and we can’t learn without making mistakes. It also makes everyone vulnerable to manipulation or persecution. 1/2


@EC_DIGIT As Evgeny Morozov said, SMART = Surveillance Marketed As Revolutionary Technology. The new normal of being watched and analyzed should not be encouraged. The dumber the better! 2/2

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