What the recipe says: 4 cloves garlic

What I read: at least 4 cloves garlic

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@TomLarrow I read "add garlic until the dish is about to become physically painful to eat"

@TomLarrow Fully agreed. With most of the recipes I discover it goes

Recipe: "1 clove of garlic"
Me: "2 cloves of garlic... eh, 3, that one is so small after all..."

@foosel "well the recipe calls for 4 cloves of garlic. But this bulb has 7 cloves left. So 7 it is"

@TomLarrow @foosel The only time you should use one clove of garlic is for a recipe called 'One Clove Of Garlic', and even then you should probably use two.

The more garlic the better. What could go wrong? And it repels vampires.

@Tay0 @TomLarrow and add a silver steak for good measure too. Damn vampires

@TomLarrow I once saw a recipe that said "Garlic. I won't say how much, cause I know you all will just quadruple it anyway, and you're prob right."

@TomLarrow we read it similarily: "4 cloves of #garlic per person/portion" and I claim it works very well

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