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all i wanna do is toot all day

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Something important about racism on Mastodon: Show more

I think I'll be off for a time too. Where JP goes, so goes my nation.

@sickasfrick even better!

I remember buying Revenge of the Cybermen when I was very young and that was all one story, and I loved it.

@sickasfrick nice! Are they the ones edited together?

@sickasfrick they can be really cheap too. I think I'm missing, like, 6 stories out of the entire run (not counting the missing ones)?

@sickasfrick all the DVDs are still in print over here. play them on a PC with VLC and it ignores the region coding

@sickasfrick @jk yup! :D

bought it at the JNT auction at Longleat way back in 199x

@sickasfrick @jk probably one of my top 5 stories too. It's amazing.

Psst, wanna see something cool?

@sickasfrick @jk @englebright for me Smith is the best NuWho Doctor in great stories.

Capaldi is an amazing actor who has been given drivel to work with, and I'm really sad he's not had much chance to shine

I didn't much like Tennant at all, and being in RTD stories hurt him even more

Eccleston, fantastic actor, only had a year to play with, could have gone so much further.

@jk @sickasfrick you know moffat didn't come in till 2010, right?

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