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Something important about racism on Mastodon: 

I think I'll be off for a time too. Where JP goes, so goes my nation.

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I just saw was trending and wondered if people were discussing the 3P figure of Tarn from Transformers

it's New Comic Book Day! The pun on this is tickling me

Oh yeah, I saw The XX when I lived in Baton Rouge. Bought them a pint afterwards because, hey, fellow Brits.

I know I've seen more but that's off the top of my head

My bands:

Bands I've seen live that instantly date me

Four Star Mary
American Hifi

what kind of godawful London Underground strike plan is this

the moment I look at anything I've written, I immediately think it's clunky and want to re-edit it

"We don't open till eleven for lunch," he called out. The stranger walked off. The coffee had slowed to an inconstant drip, while the thick aroma of chicory filled the air. With a grunt, Charlie got up and walked behind the counter to pour himself a cup. He looked around the room as he blew on the hot drink to cool it down some. His eyes lingered on the peeling paintwork on the door frame, and the cracks in the stucco walls. I should get around to that, he thought.

Chapter 1

This was Charlie's favourite time of the day. The half hour between coming in and turning on the grill, and starting the actual prep work. He sat at one of the tables in the small, empty restaurant, listening to the coffee machine slowly fill the pot. No other sound could be heard but the tick of the clock and the occasional car on the street outside. Someone rattled the door, trying to get in. Charlie glanced over, seeing if it was someone he knew. Nope.

i'm secretly working on my novel at work today

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fav if you're a pup on mastodon, boost if you like pups on mastodon

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