I also love how its basicly a classic coming of age story and the protagonist needs to learn what he wants to do with his life and how he fits in the society surrounding him, just like everyone else his age. His special powers are just treated like something normal, like someone who is good at art.

Things that are awesome about it: - The growth of mob as a person and the development of his releatiosnship to reigen - The fantastict animated action - The incredible well written antagonists

finally watched season two of mob psycho 100 and i must say it is in a top position to become one of my favirote shows ever.

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX.


Rey fighting a spaceship (?) alone by herself with just a lightsaber is so fucking awesome, I love it! 😍

War gestern Abend auf dem While She Sleeps Konzert in Köln. Es war das zweite Konzert das ich von ihnen live gesehen habe. Diese Band liefert so verdammt gute Shows ab. Im Moshpit ging es ab und das gesamte Publikum hat die Texte laut mit gegröhlt. Aber auch die Vorbands, vor allem Stray from the Path und Trash Boat, waren erste Sahne. Ganz viel Liebe für diese Bands. ❤️

Got a new Notebook. In the future i should keep up with all my diferent passwords. Man, it was hell to resett and find out all the stuff i forgot because i was to lazy and stayed logged in all the time.

Update: I'm nearly 20 hours in Atelier Sophie and every time I play it feels a little bit like coming home. The characters and the style are so lovely, creating an atmosphere that feels like a blanket that warms you on a cold winter day. The Alchemy system is super rewarding and motivates you to keep searching for new recipes. I'm super intrigued and will definitely check out other titles of the series in the future.

Playing my first Atelier JRPG right now. It's technically not that good, the story is nothing new but the atmosphere is so relaxing. I can see me spending a lot of time with this game just because it has vibes that make me feel good and calm.

A Friend of mine and I started to rewatch Naruto. We're watching one Episode per day so we can talk about the experience via sms or when we see each other. The thing is that our whole conversation to this point is just about how Kishimoto is completely shit at worlbuilding in a way that he introduces pretty often certain rules and drops them just two or three arcs later. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I'm having a really good time and it's super entertaining.

Habe gestern Nacht spontan Aquaman gesehen und meine Güte. Dieser Film ist wohl die seltsamste Mischung aus harnebüchener Story, Dialogen die so schlecht sind, dass sie wieder gut sind und den besten Actionsequenzen die es bisher (Meiner Meinung nach) in einem Superhelden-Film gab.

I officially created my first Pen and Paper Character. I'm a tough Sniper Lady with magic abilities in a Since Fantasy scenario. Now i am pumped as fuck for my first round during the next weekend.

I've got invited to an P&P Session. This will be my first one. I'm really hyped right now. 😊

After multiple listenings I must say that Travis Scotts Astroworld is my favorite record of him and probably one of my favorite albums this year.

Today i realized that there is a game in the bible black franchise. I don't know if i want to go down this path but it seems like a game that could be absolutely hilarious trash.

Also: Kagura is the most adorable Character i have seen in a long time.

oh man. I wonder why i made break in the first place. This series is so on point. I have the feeling they could take on every genre and it would be better than 90% of every other anime in the same genre. Also all the characters are so adorable. Even the villains (if there is one) have a human side to them that makes it easier to understand their motivation.

Hatte gerade eine Idee für eine Story in einem post - apokalyptischen Setting, wo Strahlung den Prozess der Zellerneuerung stoppt. Man kann dies mittels von Stammzellen aus Embryos unterbinden. Das ganze wird aus der Sicht einer Forschungsgruppe beschrieben, die bei ihrer Suche nach einer Heilung auf diverse Fraktionen trifft.

I have picked up Gintama after short break. This is the second time. The first time was during the arc with Tama. This time it was before the yoshiwara arc. Now i think that i have a big talent in dropping at the worst possible moments because both are two of my favorite arcs right now.

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