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Tomislav Ivan Flis

Just watched the Blade Runner 2049. Not impressed with the movie. Have you watched it? What is your take? For me - too stretched and unmemorable.

Have been using Manjaro Linux for the last 14 days and enjoying it, very much. Much more than I enjoy Fedora.

Not exactly Arch Linux vanilla or anything, but this is the best.

Matrix is now on Mastodon! We'll be crossposting between the birdsite & + looking into proper Matrix bridging. Come follow!

Welcome new followers! If you're not aware, I'm a member of the team and a photo nerd.

I decided to smoosh those two things together to create a community based around photography+free software =

Please feel free to come join us so we can all be photo nerds together! :D

Reddit is down? REDDIT. IS. DOWN !

is pushing Office 2016 users towards Office 365 - OneDrive and Skype for Business end by 2020

Problem with the cloud subscription model (IMO) is that you can be switched off, and you own less than a perpetual purchase ie. when you end your subscription you have no software to read your saved information. Of course if you save it using the international format you can still use free to read it but how many corporates plan for this.


An excellent article on Mastodon by Shel Holtz @SLHoltz ; the title is misleading 😃 if you ask me, the article is one of the best summaries of social networking and whither .

I agree with this,
"More compelling, though, is to have accounts on each of the instances that revolve around your specific interests, engaging heavily on the local scene and using the federation for related conversations."
Don't miss this gem!

@Support @Gargron please help. I'm still not receiving any posts from @gamingonlinux
What am I doing wrong?

Earth Day 2017 is on 22 April

It's about water, conservation, recycling, fauna, , reducing , planting trees, , walking / cycling instead of driving, and much more. Every small step counts!

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Have been waiting patiently today to post this. 400,000 Mastodon Users across over 1100 instances. Amazing. @Gargron

Cloudwards' Best Cloud Services 2017

Eleven popular commercial cloud backup services (not storage services, so these have a client backup app usually managing the backup service) are compared in this review.

Everyone's needs will be slightly different so there is really no "single best" one. I personally went with CrashPlan in the end (unlimited at $5.99pm and it has a Linux client).


We cant direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace & contentment, may we choose a positive attitude - Monson

Hi guys, a friend of mine has been diagnosed with a serious disease and is asking to spread a campaign to raise some money for her treatment. If you are willing to support her, please visit

Boosting this toot is also highly appreciated!

Is anyone starting to get a handle on how Mastodon / OSocial hosting requirements scale with use and time?

Traffic / bandwidth, storage, CPU, etc., with some sort of sense of by users, etc., would be interesting.

What's the users * days of a 1 TB storage capacity going to run? Any thoughts on addressing this as individual nodes start accumulating content?

Should content age out? That solves ... several problems.

#mastodon #admins