@TommyWiseau *kneels down and presents you with a custard pie

never leave

@TommyWiseau Tommy, I'm not even a socialist, but the fact that you have a lot of money makes a pretty strong case for socialism. Don't respond to this if you agree

@healyn outing yourself as a liberal in tommy wiseau's mentions, healyn? not a good look 🙄

@bryn if you're gonna do it anywhere, that's the place

@larrydavis @TommyWiseau

I actually liked that movie his friend made for him, where he's the freaky mortician, actually, it was a two parter lolz (#Best_Friends, I & II, made by, his IRL best friend, #Greg_Sestero). I never knew who Tommy was before that and then I saw the Franco bros' movie and thought, WTF?

Then I had to d/l and see, 'The Room'.... er..... Anyway, did I say I liked the movie, Best friends? I mean, just for the sheer WTF factor.

He's actually got quite the cult following, kinda like the old Rocky Horror and Song Remains the Same movies alternating at midnight every weekend in theatres way back.

Yah, I think the obfuscation and deliberate disinformation wrt to his past kinda adds to the mystique - all kinds of conspiracy theories abound, and healyn@mastodon.social, you even attribute percentages to the possibilities lolz... You're fanning the fires of the fandom :)

Spoiler alert: #Tommy_Wiseau is actually from the city of Poznań.

I can't wait to wait to follow that bot once it's released!

It's okay Tommy ;) You're alright in my book, but yah, you're a weird little fucker nonetheless lolz!

P.S. And Healyn's right about your hairdo ;)

https://bit.ly/2Khp83P #cheezburgerz! #tallship
@larrydavis @TommyWiseau

Oh my pleasure, you're quite welcome! When I was snowed in here over the winter I had nothing better to do than a deep dig on just who he really is/was.

@TommyWiseau @otteruw8ing4 Hi Tommy! Can you please host a showing of The Room in Milwaukee at some point soon? I have some friends who wanna see you and the movie

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