Isn’t Docker suppose to start Postgres automatically?

Fingered crossed - I might be able to get the database for Noff back!

MastoAdmins using Docker - how can I set it up to store the DB outside of Docker by default?

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I’m probably going to be spamming this every few hours over the next day or two (please forgive me)

If you were previously following me, imma need you to unfollow and refollow due to a glitch. Please boost this so that it spreads across the Federation!

If you were not following me before, how about you go ahead and get on it 🙃

Btw - this is

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@TonyNof @djsundog Also, can you please unfollow and re-add me :( and maybe boost this? The database was corrupt after a power outage :(

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If you can see this awoo, please unfollow and re-add me - there was an issue with the database and I lost all my followers :(

Nofftopia is not gone, just running into some technical difficulties 😓😓

Using Docker - Mastodon can no longer connect to the database. Any advice?

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Okay - All of my "Mastofix" shell scripts have been turned off - Lets see if Nofftopia can now last over night, or if I'll wake up to a crashed server 😬

P.S. Thanks again to @quincunx for everything!

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