☠️It's finally happened!☠️
The Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank Steam page has been awoken from spooky pirate treasure!

Wishlist on Steam and share the curse: tinyurl.com/chookandsosig

Boosts are greatly appreciated 🌿

Coming 2019

I've been illustrating some of the bird nominees daily on my breaks for NZ's Bird of the Year.

Tinkering away roughly designing the title menu. I love adding in more & more seagulls >:}

I'd joined in today for pixel dailies over on twitter where the theme was , I wanted to try a sugary sweet palette 💖

I'd made this little gif postcard of some game moments and wanted to share :D
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

First toot!
Hello there I'm Tooki/Sarah and I'm currently developing a point and click adventure game and having a blast.


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