It's been great here on, but I will soon be migrating to the land of Thanks to fediverse technology, hopefully it should be a smooth ride. In case if doesn't, and you still want to follow, I'll be

I will probably keep this account instead of deleting it, but probably won't use it for much.

Technically, it's , but here's an oscilloscope drawing of a dog that can go either way if you squint

let's get some boosts for my boy! he's always been an endless well of positivity for me. he's going through it pretty bad right now so please just admire this beautiful boy for a sec and send him some good feels.

CW Test 

I just realized I haven't used content warnings before. Seems obvious, just want to make sure it works the way I think it does.

This morning there were three hawks hanging out by my pool. I noticed two at first, and then the third joined them. I'm not sure why they were there, but I did see one a few months ago before the pool was open. There were a few inches of water in the cover and he was bathing in it, so I wonder if they were thinking they could do it now. It's a little deep for a casual bird bath though.

My brother, his wife, and their two daughters are now gone for the weekend. It was a little outside of what I'm used to, considering that it's just me and George, but it was nice seeing them.

I even got one of my nieces playing a little bit of bass, which she enjoyed.

most of the time when people are calling something "fascism" they really mean authoritarianism. While fascism is a form of authoritarianism, not all authoritarianism is fascism. The best definition on fascism is "Ur Fascism" by Umberto Eco. To oversimplify, you can usually tell fascism from vanilla authoritarianism if it's heavily leaning on national identity, patriotism, a longing for a non existent past to "return", the militarisation of daily life, extreme focus on destroying some scapegoat

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And, the lights are flickering. There is a storm about to blow through, and possibly more after it. Need to move a UPS solution for my server up the priority list.

My cat is doing that thing where he lays on or in front of my keyboard and attacks me when I try to do any work.

We found a spot now to watch the official fireworks, but the activity in people's yards is making this sound like a war zone.

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Driving around (not me) with my parents, there are lots of amateur fireworks displays. They'll probably go all night.

I'd heard he played it a little, but I don't think I've ever listened to him on electric, will check it out.

I do remember coming across this pic, though...

Fellow USA-ians: Happy Independence Day!

Celebrate your independence by tearing down the things that no longer work for us.

Pleasant evening at my parents' place. It's cooled off, and there's a nice breeze.

I was in Home Depot the other day, and there were lots of birds chirping inside. I understand that they can be a nuisance, but the sound was kind of a nice touch.

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