Parts of a mini-project complete. This is a combiner/cable for some solar panels, mostly to clean up the wiring I have for this already. It's some scrap wire I had, and a Harbor Freight 50 cal ammo box containing some bus bars and a fuse block. Just need to get some connectors.

He's doing this, while I'm stuck listening to two of my coworkers arguing on a conference call.

Finally got some of the garden in today. I had planted some pumpkin plants that I sprouted weeks ago, but I don't think they've been doing well with the cold nights we've had in the past couple weeks. I had success with tomatoes last year, so hopefully they'll be good this year too. I'm also attempting cauliflower.

It's cold and cloudy today, and George is setting down for a nap. Happy !

Late picture. Today is a good day to find a nice sunspot and relax.

This hawk landed near my pool about 20 minutes ago and just peered around at the water in the cover. Then he jumped in and kind of splashed around for a minute like in a bird bath, before jumping out again.

This maple tree was trying to grow in the same place as a bush, had to pick one.

Working from home, normal challenges apply. He attacks me because I would dare pay attention to my laptop and not to him.

And here's what's powering all that, with the help of an older battery. I was actually just curious to see how much load I could put on this system, this is 164 watts of panels. I'm getting a little bit less than that because it's a little cloudy now.

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Installing on an old P4 desktop, with internet shared from an laptop, all powered from ... Because I can.

Total draw, from laptop, desktop, and monitor is about 100 watts.

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