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Kaum habe ich mal etwas Zeit, funktioniert das Internet gar nicht mehr. Vorhin habe ich mit mehreren Router-Neustarts eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 1,7 kb/s erreicht.

Dieser Moment, in dem man eine bestimmte Musik eines Videospiels hört und dann wieder total Lust auf dieses Spiel verspürt... Leider kommt die nächste Episode erst in den nächsten Monaten raus! :c

Has anybody got some experience using xboxdrv? I got some weird issues using my official xbox controller.

Seriously? Connection issues on a freaking weekend? Come on Devs! :c

Wanted to create an account. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to use my email service.

@BryanLunduke You set your patreon-only video to unlisted, but it can still be watched by non-patreon supporters, if they click on it in your playlist "The Lunduke Show"

I freaking hate my internet...
The new Life is Strange game got released. I began downloading. And slept for a while. And then I just woke up to see.... No progress! :'c

Searching for games... Are there no Killers out there, who'd like to chase us? :c

Listening to a green day album, I didn't know of.

Seems pretty nice so far. xD

@BryanLunduke I typed your name so often. "Lunduke" is now a recommended word on my mobile. xD

Heute total wenig Stunden, leerer Bus... Sehr entspannter Busfahrer. Was kann heute noch schief gehen? :D

Damit ich Twitter und Mastodon gleich habe: Ich traf Pandorya auf der Gamescom :D

I just noticed, that in your old "Linux & Whatnot" video w/ Matt you said, you don't like shows, if they begin with "This show is brought to you by ..." But now you say it in the beginning of each Lunduke Show episode. xD

Really, they'll sell a skyrim for PS VR but not for Oculus Rift? D:

Ice cream would be awesome right now

Maybe I should delete @BryanLunduke 's new Lunduke Show episodes, I already listened to. Because now everytime I listen to music, a random episode starts. xD

My Internet is awesome... (the first number is my current download speed :c)