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I hate how Chris Pratt ruined Chris Pratt for me

An "anonymous source" trashing Carson Wentz in the Philly Voice is the most Philly fucking thing I've heard this week.

We get it - you dumbass armchair GMs think the Eagles should trade Wentz to start Foles. Y'all tried that once. It ended with him traded.

Wentz >>> Foles any day of the week anybody saying otherwise is an idiot using small sample sizes and sentimental thinking

My preferred style of fighting is "Drunken Fist"

You get really drunk and throw awkward haymakers at people.

Bears lose to Eagles because Parkey forgets the target is between the uprights, not the uprights themselves

SEA v. DAL was shit. Horrible play calling. Horrible refs. Absolute trash.

4th Qtr and Texans finally see the end zone. Need to see it two more times and they only got 11 mins... 😬

In conclusion to my conclusion Gru can therefore literally fuck the Sound Barrier

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