Rewrote a thing from the birdsite for I think it reads a lot better.

If any mutuals or friends of mutuals want a link to get a free account there, let me know.

Well I got word back on the job.

Didn't get it. Either of them.

So that sucks. Though I did have so much anxiety from the thought of GETTING it, maybe it isn't too bad. Considering one of our IT guys has been trying to poach me for years, I'm going to keep a lookout for one of those jobs.

So why is this such a dumb thing to be anxious about? I mean, who wouldn't be anxious about people so close finding out a secret that could potentially be so damaging to a friendship?

Both of them are fucking trans.
They're likely the reason I figured this shit out about myself, (if not the final straw.)

My dumb skull meat is worried about how the likely two most sympathetic people in my lives would react to something they are intensely aware of how it feels.


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So my BFFs invited me to their discord server. One's trying to recreate her old IMVU room. So that's cool and I join. Thing is, like everywhere else but the Facebook account that I had been talking to them through, my Discord advertises that I'm transgender af.

This is giving me anxiety and I walked back my Discord account a bit, (still have the trans flag border, but dropped the name I'm going by back in favor with my common username.


Got an interview time! 4/8! Had to ask for it to start a little earlier as I work immediately afterwards. Its going to be a zoom meeting, so that will be...interesting. Got my fingers crossed.

*Repressing anxiety about all this*

Applying for a full time job that opened up at my branch. The thought of a 40 hour workweek is giving me stress dreams. 😞

Mandalorian S1 Thoughts 

There are a ton of little touches that I love too.

Mando using bike signalling while on speeders
His knowing sign language
The Child putting things in its mouth (including frogs.)
The Scout Troopers not being able to hit shit.

Just, there's a lot of little touches that make the world more vibrant. Its nice.

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I know I'm late to the party, but I'm really fucking enjoying I hope we get more westerns/samurai shows out of it's success. I like how it bounces from one type of story to another, that it does each so well, and that it still has an overarching narrative. The mix of humor and serious is great. And that Pablo is so evocative with a helmet on is phenomenal. Easily my favorite thing I think

Get someone else's Disney+ account to see it. ~_^

Pillowfort is out of beta, so here's my link again:

Mastodon hasn't become a Twitter replacement for me (yet) but I how Pillowfort can take the place of Tumblr. Looking forward to seeing shitposts on there.


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Really. I spent like, five minutes when I played this in May and stared at the rain falling on a plastic table for like, five minutes. 20 minutes in I knew the end would bum me out. I was right. NOT the game to play during quarantine. Glad I finished it, but fuck this game.
Wonder what they’ll make next.

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Not...sure if this was 2020. But a fantastic first person adventure. Really get a feel for the space station and the world its in. Hoping for more.

Star Trek Online
STO is an old MMO, but a fun one. The ground combat is alright, but space is the place. Plus it’s the first place I expressed myself in a character that looks like me as a woman. Pretty cool.

Star Wars Battlefront 2
Got it free with PS+. Enjoyed the single player, which got me to buy JFO. Try it out if you got it for free.

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Destiny: Beyond Light
D2Y4(Y7) is a return to enjoyable content. Shadowkeep was not my thing and it’s seasons didn’t appeal to me. Elise, Varkis and Crow interest me far more than Eris and (sadly for me) Saint-14. Its gooooood shootin’.

Reminds me of Super Meat Boy, but fun. Trans woman climbing a mountain is more interesting to me than...whatever SMB’s plot was. Got it on BLM bundle, which I was more than happy to support.

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Gravity Rush 2
Got this on a whim. Very different movement style with a third person action RPG rounding it out. Would have been interesting on a Vita, but its good on the PS4.

Mass Effect Andromeda
When I felt the need for a shooter and Destiny wasn’t of interest, MEA was suggested to me. I love the Trekkier feel. How it sidestepped the end of ME3 is interesting too.

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Honorable Mentions

Spider-Man 2018
I understand what everyone was talking about in ‘18. Best superhero game since Arkham City. Wanna play the new one when I get a PS5.
A game with phenomenal worldbuilding and fun gameplay. Heard it looks awesome with a new PC too. I really need to play more of this.

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5.) Luigi’s Mansion 3
I would not have guessed that this would be such a good format, but Luigi+ghosts+vacuum is perfect. The open world of 3 adds further to it. Luigi’s fearfulness gives great sight gags of him being frightened by all kinds of things. Kids might get scared, but for me his reactions are the fun part.

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4.) Dad of Boy
Still not finished but the new gameplay style and new setting are both great for a continuation of this series. I suggest reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman with it because boy howdy does GoW take liberty with the mythos.

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