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Hi! I'm Leia (Lee-ah). I'm a transgender, socialist, and a librarian. I've primarily been blogging about video games here, but I might increase more to books, everyday life, and social whatnot.

Hoping to follow more here.~<3

Everywhere else I'm at:

Also played today, my new copy of . I want a copy of the soundtrack. The intensity is opposite of Cyberpunk 2077. Fun, but I see dying to the point I lose interest.

Check out that !

Oh hey, a clean pic of my character for . Not me, but not bad. Only just got to Act 1. I will be INCREDIBLY surprised if I beat this game.

Topless character, Cyberpunk 2077 

More ! Got for my birthday. Its the PS4 version, but the upgrade is free. Figured I'd give it a shot. My PS5 is more powerful than my .

Haven't done much. Just the first into mission. Looks beautiful. Hoping I can work on my character's makeup soon.

Also got and inexplicably it's a bigger game than Cyberpunk.

Something that annoys me is when websites have a generic avatar for you...but don't let you change it. Why bother? Just put that crap in a hamburger.

Bethesda, Steelseries, and more do this crap.

Well, I got to work again. Not the old one, but the new 21 build. Learned my lesson. Move everything I use it for over to PC when I'm done for the day to save it. (Ripping music.) and get programs from the distribution app and not from websites.

We'll see how long it lasts.

Kinda burnt out on Xenoverse 2, but with my birthday fast approaching, I didn't want to get into anything with too much plot. And with surgery whatnot, nothing too intense.

So I started . Back on console, as it has more room, and a upgrade. Unfortunately, it lost my PS4 save. Still, it's a pretty, mellow game with nice crafting and alright combat. I just got the antimatter blueprint. Don't know how long I'll go, but I'm enjoying it again.

tests are showing school spirit levels at 17%

(17%) ■□□□□□□□□□

I repositioned my . She's now holding my Season of the Splicer Emblem from . She's sitting atop a Ghost from Destiny 2 too. I like it.

bagpipe levels are 53% and rising

(53%) ■■■■■□□□□□

Next in ! I just beat Its another short indie title that I got through Game Pass. Its fun. Humorous, with alright controls. It's one that at one point I had on a wishlist, but removed it. Given that I beat it in a few days, kinda glad I played it this way.

Worth the time if you got it in some pass or another.

Dad's home! Sore, but okay. He's updating people on Facebook now.

Surgery is wrapping up. Surgeon will speak with us eventually.

Off to the hospital! At 4:40am!

For a procedure that's expected. But still, fuck.


This is the perfect way to show the villain of time on your city's TV channel. Totally will get the people against them.

Well, this article on Danielle Steel is interesting:

She is one of the authors that I typically make fun of for having so many books, but with this, my admiration of her has grown. Similar to Nora Roberts, who had to take a pen name so as to not overcrowd herself on the new titles shelf.

(This is as opposed to James Patterson, who evermore feels a charlatan compared to these women.)

Also, thanks @dsalo for giving me something to read and talk about. It's fucking DEAD at work today. Hot out and I'm at a little branch today, and there is no one here.

The model train in J is broken too, so I can't even entertain myself with that. :P

didgeridoo levels are currently at 86% but fluctuating wildly

(86%) ■■■■■■■■□□

(or maybe ) are bad at perorder bonuses. Stickers are the oppsite of what's going to get me to preorder . I'm just going to wait until 9/9 or 9/10 and buy it regualr-like.

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