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Just watched the pre-release stream of the documentary. It is a really well done film about "Malignant Narcissism comes to Washington" -

Mobile OS progression - Android, Ubuntu Touch, LineageOS and finally CaylxOS. All have their +/- but I'm really happy with Caylx so far. It's been my daily driver for a couple of months now, no complaints. However, stock camera is bare bones. Integrated MicroG and verified boot are a huge plus... and I got WiFi calling again!

Ok, so Nev from the TV series Catfish is on Dancing With The Stars. Here's a little gif to make you laugh... or creep you out, lol

Just watched the pre-release stream of the documentary. It is a really well done film about "Malignant Narcissism comes to Washington" -

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I'm running in this year's "virtual" Vancouver Pride Run.

Anyone around the world can join the event, and it is for all abilities, genders, and sexual orientations (allies are very welcome!).

Run or walk a course of your choosing, at your own pace, and all the proceeds go to two important LGBTQ+ causes.

Join us!

Day 3 cont. - Wth! Opened the door and it was on my porch... scared the hell out me. Creepy AF, ugh!

Day 3 - Looks like the shiny red biohazard was finally retrieved by its owner. I was wondering just how long that would take, lol

To set the stage. There are 9 kids under the age of 10 that live in 4 houses around me.

I'm not touching that bright red biohazard with a 10ft. pole. You know as well as I that kids can pick their nose, scratch their butts and spit in their hands in one fluid motion.

Candle Light, best lighting mode for watching Murdoch Mysteries. Seriously love this show... the only reason I'm paying for Acorn TV.

Work laptop died. I.T. is still working to transfer data... looks like most, if not all, was salvageable. Maybe after lunch I'll be back up and running.

The main act of the clown show started before lunch... with two open CAD drawings I was in the middle of working on. It refused to reboot. Our I.T. dept. is still working on it πŸ˜’

Looking forward to and dreading Mondays is an odd space to be in. One project I'm working on is interesting... the others are clown shows.

Cat truce πŸ™‚ The love of sunlight overcomes for the time being.

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Perfect weather today for a trail run! This one felt good for a change... no breaks along way. The trail was a little sloppy in sections and a few trees were down. We've had some rough weather so it wasn't a surprise.

11+ miles, 1hr 55min. Pretty good for me on this trail.

As Festivus draws near, I want to offer a special "screw you" to those who like to call Friday meetings at 1pm.

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