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I ran 22 slow sufferfest trail miles yesterday. Stomach was upset, phone died, I didn't have any GU packs and hydration bladder sprung a leak. Not to mention the humidity. Glad I went towards the lake were there is a water spigot. Bladder was almost empty when I got to it around mile 11ish. Honestly, I was spent by mile 8. Stopped several times to rest. At mile 19 I had to start walking a 1/4mi. running 3/4mi. Really sore today... not what I expected.

La Croix in the small 6 pack cartons has more lime flavor. I don't know. I kinda like my La Croix to taste  like it just saw the lime across the room.

5.6 miles (9km) of neighborhood hillls this evening. Spring weather is full play. I can tell by the amount of bugs per run I get in my eyes. I need to find my sunglasses... or safety glasses, lol.

8 mile Shakeout Trail Run -  Trying to determine whether or not my mileage base is good enough to sign up for a race on May 4th. I totally overlooked that this race was coming up and haven't done any "real" distance training this year. Looking at the course profile, it's actually closer to a marathon in length than a 50k (27.59mi). I feel fairly confidant, after this weekend's runs that I can do it w/o dying so I registered :)

20.02 LSD (Long Slow Distance) trail miles this morning/afternoon(32km). I stopped at mile 10ish to take pictures of the old bridge and memorial marker with the bone behind it, that I mentioned in a previous toot(looks like a grave marker, tbh). Found the skeleton the bone belongs to farther up the trail, looked to be a deer. Definitely not human, thank goodness.


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A reminder to my fellow fedizens that #RavenCon14 is THIS WEEKEND in Williamsburg, VA. I'm very proud of the brand new Science Track at this con, which I helped to put together. I'll also be appearing on a few panels myself, posted here: naratnayake.com/2019/03/my-rav. The full programming list is available here: ravencon.com/programming/

6.3mi after work today (10.14km at 5:01 pace). This one felt good enough to add another 1.25mi loop around the 'hood and 2 more hill climbs.

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Some doubters think our VPN is run by some dude in a dolphin onesie. Rest assured, there’s a whole team of us. (Turn 🔉 ON) reddit.com/r/ProtonVPN/comment

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I feel like a busy person but I always question if it's my anxiety that makes me feel like I'm always busy

I was able to get a few runs in last week. 4.25mi (34:56) on Tuesday, 5.4mi (44:59) on Wednesday and 11.03mi (1hr 45min) Saturday. During the week I was planning to do 17-18mi on Saturday but I didn’t eat (or rest) well enough Friday to support it. Knowing that I would tank, I decided to scale it back. I did stop to take some pictures this time!


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I'm behind on "tooting"

Last Friday's run - 5.44 mi. of sidewalk (boo).

Sunday's long run - 15.53 mi. of trail. Saw my first black snake of the season, a bone stuck in the ground behind a grave marker and ran through a mile of recent, still smoldering, controlled burn. I really should have taken some pictures but I didn't feel like stopping to take my phone out of my pack. I literary have to take my pack off to access my back pocket

Today's run - 4.25 mi. around the neighborhood.

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5.39 miles (8.67km)of neighborhood hills after work. Man, that big lunch I had felt like rocks bouncing  in my gut, lol.

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Hey, Mastoverse. Might anyone out there know of a better / more free (in money and freedom) alternative to ?

Events where a fee is collected can not be scheduled through Eventbrite without a paid membership. That's hard on non-profits, which is who I'm asking for (my LGBTQ+ running club). We just want to collect money for events where a cost is involved, and aren taking a cut of that for ourselves (we're using it to pay for the cost of a venue).

12 mile trail run late this morning.  Weather was perfect, 50-55f (10-13c) and sunny. I felt good the entire way... anything under a 10min mile avg/pace, on this trail, is good for me.

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Sol 106: Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC)

Taken on: 2019/03/15 18:46:03

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