8 mile Shakeout Trail Run -  Trying to determine whether or not my mileage base is good enough to sign up for a race on May 4th. I totally overlooked that this race was coming up and haven't done any "real" distance training this year. Looking at the course profile, it's actually closer to a marathon in length than a 50k (27.59mi). I feel fairly confidant, after this weekend's runs that I can do it w/o dying so I registered :)

@TrailRunner_B Seriously, you're going to be fine. It seems you put a lot of distance in every week (it's slightly hard for me to tell, because I measure distance in kilometres). 🙂

BTW, I have the same watch, though I now have a 235, which I use for running most of the time. I'm going to mount that older orange one to my bike. I don't cycle nearly as much as I run, though it will be really nice to glance down at my handlebars and see my stats when I am cycling.

Thank you, I appreciate that Michela! That’s a good idea with you Garmin. The display fields are big enough to easily do that. Yeah, I forget to do courtesy conversions (Miles to KM). I have the same trouble the other way around, lol 😅

@TrailRunner_B You bet! You're putting the work in. The race is going to be no problem. 🙂

I'm looking forward to putting the Garmin on my bike. I'm doing a shorter triathlon sprint next month (so excited!), and that should help me stick to my goal pace.

No worries about the unit conversion. 🙂

Good luck! I've got a lot of respect for you multi-sport athletes. If the roads around here we more bike friendly,  I'd love to take up riding.

@TrailRunner_B Ha. Well, I bike occasionally, but I wouldn't consider myself a multi-sport athlete. I'm mostly a runner. I actually still have to learn to swim before the triathlon! My first lessons are next week. 😄

Kudos to you for breaking out of you comfort zone 🐬 That even more impressive in my book! You'll have to post an update about how it goes 👍

@TrailRunner_B Thanks. :)

A triathlon is something I've always wanted to do, so I am really looking forward to it.

The big event is at the end of May. I'll try to remember to post about how it all went!

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