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David Will @Trashbang

There are a few road trip games floating around out there, but I really want one that captures that sense of... optimism. Feasibility. The feeling that you really can just escape all the problems in the world if you just drive and drive and drive.

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don't get me wrong, I'm fine with games about escaping from the Eastern Bloc or a zombie outbreak or what-have-you, but when I'm feeling hopeless and vulnerable I really want something that turns up outside your window like "get in, loser, we're running away from responsibility".

@Trashbang I wonder about this mixed with "Cozy Games" - lostgarden.com/2018/01/cozy-ga - it might not 100% fit into this definition, but made me think of it.

@Trashbang That's what I really liked about the front half of Final Fantasy XV

@srol oh geez, I still haven't played that :(

@Trashbang The game throws it all away in the back half unfortunately, but the first half is exactly like that, cool bros road trip

@srol Sounds fine to me, I've never gotten more than a few hours into a Final Fantasy anyway

@Trashbang @srol you can easily spend >30 hours road tripping in . I think we were closer to 80.

@Trashbang A road trip game about a LGBTQ+ plus couple that leaves Shit State to go to Better State with realistic expectations and manage to make a happy life there

@SuperLeo @Trashbang honestly this thread makes me want to drop everything and write a video game about road trips.

except because I'm me instead of compelling emotional dialogue it would have procedurally generated highways and halfassed social modeling.

@relsqui @Trashbang why don't ya? Dedicate 15 minutes EVERY DAMN SUNDAY before 6PM into making it.

It'll take a very very long time to make.

But you'd still make it.

@SuperLeo @Trashbang eh it can go on the pile of things that my life might be better if I did for fifteen minutes every weekend without fail :P

@relsqui @Trashbang all it takes is some sensible planning, he said. Somewhat concienciously, even though he didn't mean to

@Trashbang Maybe only 1/8 related to what you want, but it reminded me of the board game Tokaido. boardgamequest.com/tokaido-boa
As you and your friends travel, you can meet interesting people, tithe to local temples, catch up on your painting, go shopping, sample local cuisine, or just relax in a hot springs. You "compete" to have the most fulfilling or rewarding experience.

No driving though, and you need to gather friends together in physical proximity to play.