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Micah (TraumaD) 🕳️ @TraumaD@mastodon.social

Hey developers this one is for you! Learn about shipping icons for HiDPI and making them nicer on other displays too medium.com/elementaryos/develo

The GNOME Foundation partners with Puri.sm to support its efforts to build the #Librem5 smartphone https://quitter.no/url/1434070 https://quitter.no/attachment/1434071

Sometimes people argue that, while of course DRM is unacceptable for media you *own*, it can be ok for media you're renting or subscribing to. Like Spotify or Netflix.

That's tempting, but it's wrong! And it reflects the fundamentally flawed logic of DRM advocates: that DRM is about, or effective at, enforcing a copyright or contract.

It's none of those things! But more importantly, it's running code you can't control. Don't let those jerks run unauditable software on your computer imo.

The Purism Librem 5 phone crowdfunder has raised ~23% of their goal. ~38 days remain to raise another $1.1M. puri.sm/shop/librem-5/ mastodon.social/media/W66tRhfY

I’m pretty freaking excited about Epiphany using Firefox sync. I’m going to try to make it my default browser and ditch Chrome

Have you explored AppCenter recently? There's now over 30 curated, native apps custom built for elementary OS! mastodon.cloud/media/ukzANCud7

Just confirming some travel arrangements, Corentin Noël, Cody Garver, and I are headed to Denver next month to work with System76 on a new installation experience. Pretty excited as this is one of the bigger things that I've wanted to get done before I feel like we can really call elementary OS 1.0. We'll be there for a week and hopefully we'll come out the other side with a sweet new Installation and On-boarding experience for elementary OS and Pop!_OS :)

Want to help make elementary OS even more awesome? Check out our Get Involved page! elementary.io/get-involved

Since it’s the #DayAgainstDRM everything on AppCenter is available DRM free! Oh wait, it’s always been like that. Nice.

Thinking about publishing an app on #AppCenter but not sure where to start? How about with our latest blog post: medium.com/elementaryos/so-you

I just beat Owlboy. It was a little short but really really fun. The Art was absolutely gorgeous and the music was great. The story was good too. I wish I got to play around the world after the end. All in all a fantastic game that D-pad studios should be extremely proud of.