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Mastodon has spoken. Pizza for lunch it is.

I also find it pretty amusing (not to mention cool) that I can poll a planet-spanning network of random strangers for lunch decisions. 😀

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@skunksarebetter Just mentioning this in case anyone else runs into it, and so I don't forget... 😀

If you try and use pdfsandwich and ImageMagick complains about not being 'authorized', you need to change the PDF policy in /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml to allow read|write to PDFs. Then it'll work fine.

More here (as well as why you might not want to leave it that way all the time).

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Out of curiosity, how many people still use RSS (or Atom)?

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Ah it is. So I won't forget it next time, and in case others don't know, Mastodon does generate an RSS feed for stuff. Either




Now i just need to wait on my account approval, and figure out how to move house. >.>

Hmm, or not. Seems my monsterpit account expired while I wasn't looking. So it probably is.

Thanks for assorted suggestions, folks. I think I may try or monsterpit. Now I just need to dig up migration stuff. 😀

Anyone know any moderate sized geek/furry/silliness friendly instances? The spam and random porn in the local timeline on is getting pretty meh.

Still working on the promised fortune file. I'll have it somewhere soon, I promise... 🐲

And still feel free to submit quotes and stuff.

Announcing Hello World! is a new instance aimed at #Python developers of all experience levels. It runs on Pleroma which is similar to (and compatible with) Mastodon - you can use Mastodon smartphone clients with it, and you can enable a Mastodon lookalike interface on the web if you want.

Come join us - let’s build a community together and enjoy a local timeline filled with #Python discussions.

Be nice. No hate speech.
The official language is English for public messages.
While we encourage discussion topics directly related to #Python, other topics are okay too.

Boosts / Repeats appreciated! Let’s try to reach as many #Python developers as we can.

Waterfox, a fork of Firefox, has been sold to System1, an ad/online marketing company. You probably want to watch out what happens to Waterfox from there on, if you ever used it. #linux #firefox #waterfox

... kay so my curiosity is getting the better of me. on average, how much time do you spend listening to music a day? constrained to time spent awake. please boost cuz i'm curious.

Some personal news, I’ve applied to and received a personal loan while I was naked in the bathtub

The future is here

I ran out of character space trying to type out the caption in Amaroq

Hmmm, appears to have fixed PiP being just a black rectangle. No cure for the button yet. Not even sure why they added that, it's not like the context menu is difficult to get to or anything.

So I am stuck thinking and need input:

Should I design my set of tasks for #ansible as a set to be included; design it as a role and make the other roles depend on it; try writing a plugin again?

Please boost/comment

I think I liked Mastodon's profile directory (/explore) a lot better when you could actually browse it by interest / hash-tag.

Now it just feels like a random list of users?

You can still browse it by hash-tag if you manually edit the URL though:

1st Semifinal of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships!

Python advanced to this round with wins over Object Pascal, Fortran and Lisp, while Rust battled it out against Julia, Ruby and C++.

Who will make it to the big final?

There is a new project to make a #FLOSS DuoLingo alternative!

Would love to figure out how to have the social aspects federated!

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