Out of curiosity, how many people still use RSS (or Atom)?

It warms my heart to see that RSS is apparently still well used. 😀

@TrentSkunk answered yes, since that's all a podcast is, really

The my fediverse timeline has replaced my RSS feed 😌

@charlag @TrentSkunk

Same. I often open RSS feeds in Firefox. I'd really like to use RSS properly again, but I've yet to find a client that works well.

Last that did was the built-in in Opera :blobsad:

@TrentSkunk Hey. Yeah, but like only for podcasts. Do you have a favorite RSS reader for blogs and stuff maybe? What do you use it for?

@TrentSkunk I'm pretty sure like 90% of people who think RSS is obsolete work at Google.

@tparadox @MadestMadness @TrentSkunk I don't use RSS but that's basically just because I've given up on knowing things


I do, and I fully agree with the article by @kev - Please Add RSS Support To Your Site

Why do you ask?


@TrentSkunk You can have my RSS when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

@TrentSkunk yes, both for blogs and podcasts (through separate readers)

@TrentSkunk I've got 18 RSS feeds subscribed to on Thunderbird. They're news, blogs, webcomics and fansub release updates.

@TrentSkunk for podcasts, but that's all in an app with it's own "store" so I rarely have to even think of a feed URL anymore.

@nakedambition @TrentSkunk
but its g00g le feedburner, feedproxy;
and so on,
because only podcasts, i hopefully fiind a better solutilion?

@TrentSkunk I use Liferea to read about 120 blogs and YouTube channels.

I use this bookmarklet to find the feeds for blogs: edavies.me.uk/2019/01/show-fee

Actually, I now use a newer version of that bookmarklet which can find the feeds for YouTube channels. I'll publish that if anybody's interested.

@TrentSkunk I not only use it, I occasionally write scripts to generate a feed for a site that doesn't natively have one.

I use it for Youtube, much better than relying on YT notifications.

@TrentSkunk I obviously use atom/rss for podcasts, but recently I replaced twitter with feed readers. All news agencies I used to follow on twitter had some atom/rss feed as well


Missed the poll, but I certainly do use and like !
...My main use is for it is consuming |s and .

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