Thanks! Knee-jerk: liking Amaroq over Tootdon only because the bottom nav makes more sense to me.

@TrentWalton personally I like Tootdon, but I just joined the Toot! beta ( and it looks promising so far.

@TrentWalton Sounds like most people have settled on Tootdon or Amaroq at the moment.

I’m also working on one though. I’d love to share it with you (likely next week) if you’re interested?

@edwellbrook @TrentWalton I’d happily test an app if that would be helpful. I’ve settled on Amaroq but would easily switch to a new client.

@TrentWalton I used that for a little while, then I found all the web views that were in the place of native views was bothering me too much. Using Tootdon as suggested by

@TrentWalton I’m digging Tootdon at the moment. It’s pretty clean and light.

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