I'm back in the comforting arms of mastodon as today is a rare combination of two divisive issues in one day. Too much hate going around on birdsite. Mass delusion has overpowered sane voices.

Need my comforting bubble for the snowflake that I am.

Modi - I will be speaking on 'Economic Growth for an Innovative Future' at the BRICS summit.

Sitharaman - What is Economics?
GDP - What is Growth?
PSU - What is Innovative?
Millennials - What is Future?

I am pretty sure that the white house anonymous leak who warned everyone about his stupidity and now writing a tell-all book about Trump is none other than Rudy Giuliani.

No one is that stupid to repeatedly sabotage his client's case like that on national television.

Comrade Nambiar... A marxist leninist maoist voice. Not affiliated to any party but support all workers movements to bring forth a Revolutionary change. 6 years of fighting Hindoo Fascists online and winning just a little bit more everyday.

Lal Salaam, Inquilaab Zindabad, Avaami Jhamhuriyat hai Asli Jannat!

If this were on mastodon, her (his?) ass would have been suspended by now

What would Trump say if he turned into a marxist communist -
I seize them by the means of reproduction.


@atifjameel @moonlighting So good old sexism has finally arrived on mastodon. Accha hai, twitter ki gandagi kaafi miss kar rahi thi main. You will add diversity here.

Boost is the secret of a toot's energy !

So please be generous folks from

Mastodon is class apart. Even the Angel Priyas here have Frida Kahlo as their DP.

Please vote -

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Which country will be good for migrating to, without burning a hole in the pocket?

Elizabeth Warren may not be the best presidential candidate but she made a billionaire cry on national television and that's all that matters.

Mastodon is class apart. Even the Angel Priyas here have Frida Kahlo as their DP.

Refreshing change from the class system followed by Birdshite. Is Mastodon the great new equalizer?

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