Sometimes, I think I am creative but then I read a new book, listen to a new tune, watch a new comedy performance and realize I am just a standard dude. However, want to buy an ergonomic office chair?, I will blow your socks off. (PS, wear socks, unless wearing flip flops than OK whatever) (PSS, don't wear flip flops in my store, no one wants to see that)

This morning I realized time may have accelerated on me. I shook my flip phone at some kid on my lawn. Off to listen to Blood, Sweat, & Tears I go. :)

“It’s harder to be friends than lovers / And you shouldn’t try to mix the two / ‘Cause if you do it and you’re still unhappy / Then you know that the problem is you.”

Had not listened to this band in a number of years, but something sparked my memory. Just great melodies and that voice. (Ok, it was probably something to do with a pumpkin and that Jude told me to go buy some fall themed gourds, or maybe, the rabbit, whose name is Ariel, which was sitting by the front tree yesterday morning, whispering into my ear thru the light fall wind).

Pet peeve time. Very little than bothers me more than someone, not my employer, yelling at me for not doing something "exactly" as they wanted you to, despite my getting the same or better results. If you want something done in an exact method that you perceive as the perfect way, do it yourself. I got my own stuff going on.

Watching some NFL this morning b4 "stuff to do". My team sucks this year and not playing right now so I am a free agent. Must admit it's kind of cool to watch so called "good" teams call stupid plays too.

Upon arriving home this evening, Jude has informed me that she has plans for me tomorrow. Something about tulip bulbs. Off to get the little garden shovel revved up I go.....

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