Learning Crocotile 3D ny messing up the demo scene. You can vary the texture density by painting with alt-left-click mastodon.social/media/vjXxrGT8


I also tried Sprytile and that would have been my first choice but it seemed pretty buggy(like, if I deviate from the exact workflow of the dev it breaks kind of buggy) so This Is Fine.

Gonna make some cool lowpoly scenes with this, hopefully

this is what the demo scene looks like before i wrecked it btw. this style rewards good traditional pixel/tilemap skills mastodon.social/media/f-uBpNe8

@Triplefox Both tools are pretty cool but I have a hard time making anything that doesn't follow the grid. It's pretty hard to reach a common pixel density or knowing the right workflow to have a neat topology.

In the end, for the Tangent AG ship I did, I just went through classic modeling + unwrapping instead. I wonder if there is any good material for making stuff with those tools.

@Ronflaix I have a plan in mind to make modular 3D tiles instead of working with boxy voxels. At first I thought the modules would consist of voxels themselves, but this would make for more interesting and detailed assets and make it easier to work at a consistent level of detail(e.g. start with just 4x4x4 and then redo them at higher res later)

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