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Hi there! I'm Tricia, a.k.a. Trixie Burgers! I'm a beginner Twitch streamer and expert punsmith from Seattle. I work in restaurants so I keep weird hours ( ). I enjoy crosswords, pictures of your pets, and watching tv with my lovely gf Eleanor.

I've written a couple of short stories, available at

I've also made a couple of makeup videos for trans people at

And of course my channel at

Do I go epic mode and borbgehr for lunch?

hey do me a favor and boost this real quick? i'm trying to see if something works 😘

hey shoot this post a fav real quick i want to see something

i can't keep up with folding my laundry but folks what i really need? is a Unified Social Media Strategy. it's branding time babey

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*sees people rightfully upset* idk man why don't you try being chill about it?

past meta, look out 

Hey, so that person who had a diap out over being chased off twitter for being racist and then turning around and having a meltdown over here is still around on their M.S account. I am suspending them here, but like.. watch out I guess. They did some pretty fucked up stuff while they were having a diap out which im not even gonna get into here but like look out.

anarchoenby @ mastodon dot social

Not gonna be streaming tomorrow due to an injury - I'm fine, typing just stinks right now!

Sorry folks! It seems like the technology's just not agreeing with me again today. I'll try and be more prepared next time!

what the hell is going on with the idea of being

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did you find out what happened to the cookie

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