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I am pleased to announce the release of my new EP, Anachron. This is a collection of acid techno tracks I recorded live on analog hardware. I worked really hard on mixing and mastering these pieces, and I think the end result sounds great. Enjoy!
Thanks to @chemelia
for the album art.

i'm up to 48 followers, surely you can help me get to 50 🥺

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Episode 24 was nearly called "A Guitar George Situation" but instead is:

That's The Doom Window
featuring special guest @TrixieBurgers

job interviews! crosswords! embarrassing stories of our youth!

we just recorded a #wtto with @TrixieBurgers and it whipped, it slapped, it was extremely funny and it will be out sooooooon

Thanks for coming, everyone — I looked like crap and it's still hot in here and I still think, thanks to you, it was my best stream yet!

gonna do some crosswords on my own in the meantime, i've gotten rusty lol

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programming note: no stream today, my gf's working from home again and we're hoping the maintenance guy shows up to fix the leaky sink today. next week she's off tuesdays so i'll be back!

stream cancelled because eleanor has to work from home tomorrow, sorry!

Also I will script out my calls to action so I actually remember to tell people to follow me, and where, etc

If any small time mufos want me to plug your things lmk in this thread! It's fun letting people know about things my friends are doing

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Thanks everyone for tuning in today! I swear next week I'll learn to not cover the mic with my hand 😅

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