Listening to Lennon's 'Imagine', I can't help but think it's really about a zombie apocalypse, where the zombies have won.

WORD OF THE DAY: CACAFUEGO - a braggart or someone with a fiery temper. From the Spanish words for “fire-shitter”.

It would, of course, be utterly terrible if we were all to start posting up pictures of Hungry Horace in order to piss off the areshole copyright troll who's targeted Octav1us Kitten...

How much water would it take to put out the sun? ☀️🤔
Tune in to @BBCRadio2 now to find out as @ZoeTheBall sits down with the QI Elves in The Why Workshop!

shove your hand in a pringles can to be mega man

Word of the day: WHOOPENSOCKER (Wisconsin slang) — something extraordinary of its kind, for instance, a very large drink.

The salvage starships entered Earth orbit.
"We're sorry to alarm you," they broadcast. "We were led to believe your planet would be in nuclear winter now, with all sentients extinct."
There was a pause.
"Well done, avoiding that."
Another pause.
"We'll check back in fifty years."

Sergei Krikalev, a Russian cosmonaut, has spent 879 days in space which is the longest of any human. Due to the effects of relativity, this also makes him the most prolific time-traveller, with his body running 0.02 seconds behind the rest of the world.

Is Konami the Brexit Britain of crap games companies, or is Brexit Britain the Konami of crap countries?

In Tibet, distances were traditionally measured by the number of cups of tea needed for each journey.

At 10pm on @BBCTwo, Sandi and Alan will be looking at all sorts of Quests with @AlanCarr, @Alicelevine and Phill Jupitus! #QI

**Migrant protesters occupy U.S.-Mexico border bridge, crossing closed**

"Migrants seeking asylum in the United States who are camped in a dangerous Mexican border town occupied a bridge to Brownsville, Texas on Thursday, leading U.S. authorities to close the crossing, witnesses and aut…"

#news #bot

Some incredible pictures that have been short-listed for the Royal Society of Biology photographer of the year award, under the theme 'animal movement'.

@isolategab "I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express."

black mirror episode thats an hour of someone trying to plug in their phone charger in the dark.

Ancient Greek metaphorical names for the penis include ‘chickpea’, ‘tambourine’, and ‘a misfortune one brings on oneself’. (h/t @billbobbeck)

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