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Good morning! Everything is the worst, but I'm feeling fine.

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Happy New Year! back! Chapter 3 cover is up to celebrate.

Pre-orders for the third book are also officially available until February 15, 2018.


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Looks like INPRNT is offering free worldwide shipping on all orders over $25USD! Since my birthday is next week I’m also offering 25% off all my prints using this code: QBWIMOE4 for the next seven days and you can find them all here:

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I saw Star Wars finally! Show more

I was just seized with an intense desire to rewatch Muppet Treasure Island.

Whoohoo! Done with deadlines for a while, and I'm trying to relax. Woe betide the poor sucker who would interrupt my chill time.

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some cool comics folks who are actually posting on here fairly often: @stevelieber @Trungles @rubenbolling @Inkskratch @AmyChu @shingworks

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Gonna show some new art you haven't seen anywhere for an upcoming comic book in my next email newsletter. Subscribe today!

Happy Holidays everybody! In keeping with my annual tradition, I'm making my Christmas comic, Matches, available for free on Gumroad. Enjoy!

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A tiny sorceress and her monster dads~! πŸ’–πŸŒ™πŸΊπŸ¦‡πŸ’–

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It's bang on midwinter, and here's a new episode of The Firelight Isle! ^_^
Massive thanks to all my patrons.

You can read on Tapas and Webtoon too :D

I'm not allowing myself to see any movies or watch any TV shows until this comic is ALL THE WAY DONE. No Star Wars. No Riverdale. No Mrs. Maisel. Not a thing.

Hello! I hope your week is going fantastic and that the stresses of the holidays aren't getting you down.

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opportunity available for the Spring Semester--Earn college credit while learning about from an industry professional. Must be a college junior or senior with proficiency in Adobe , , and . Prerequisite reading required. Stipend available, flexible hours. Please email resume to