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Here is Mallow with all his duds!

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My D&D character, Blackheart. I forget -- can halflings be berserkers? cc @angrygirLcomics @Trungles

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Hey, since we're talking about , who wants an introduction to the main characters of my webcomic ESTRANGED?

Me: The main series is on hold
Also me: Here's a mini-series with spoilers for the main series sorry lol

Omg I might have to play FFXV: Comrades.

I am still bad at Sailor Moon Drops.

I have never been more generally likely to be delighted looking at any scrolling feed.


Life could be like this???

Today’s reading was rough but fair.

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Per is more enthused than we thought

CW Media discourse, racism Show more

I'm doing a parallel series to Vampire Buddy in a three-panel strip format, and it's slightly ahead of the main story, and I hope Patreon folks don't mind.

I love that other people's Likes won't show up on my feed here. That was by far the most aggravating feature on birbsite. "Didn't I unfollow you???" is not a question I want to confront all the time.

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Another perk of being a witch is discussed today on ESTRANGED. Read the story so far at

If you like ESTRANGED and would like to support, become a patron at, or leave a tip at my Ko-Fi, at

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ok here's my post!!
I'm J.N. Wiedle, (everyone calls me Jones!) a cartoonist based in NYC. I write & draw the comic HELVETICA when I'm not being flayed alive by my 9-5. I like and have done a couple covers for the comics! But mostly I enjoy self-indulgently designing fashionable gijinka of them ^^

You can also find me at:

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i have been working on this for..... many months and i finally published it yesterday