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Mental health stuff 

I never know what to do when two friends going through separate bad brain days collide and aren't good for each other.

Like, you know they're both going through some things, and neither are at a place where they can spare the other the benefit of the doubt even though they both kinda need it from their friends.

I've seen a few connections severed that way.

I can't wait to catch up on Riverdale to see what sort of wacky hijinks my favorite small town high schoolers are up to.

Good morning! Having a lit agent has been amazing for me. 

In the span of about a month and a half I've gotten two book deals for four projects. My head is practically spinning. This feels completely unbelievable.

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ON KO-FI: ([redacted]) Spider Prince Design

@sfeertheorist has a novel in development for a while now that I'm deeply fond of. It involves a very princely spider. Design of his human form.

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Good morning! Everything seems chill over here, which is nice.

Long post; diaspora feels 

I'm doing some light dramaturgy for a graphic novel project, and looking for old images of pre-war Vietnam is really difficult on a lot of levels for me. All the pictures are either pertaining to the war or they're depicting resort towns that used to be the fishing villages my family used to live in. It's vexing that I should find some connection to what's ostensibly my home town, but nothing I recognize is still there.

It has been a little while, holy buckets. I'm glad to see folks are generally doing alright!

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I've been steadily discovering my writing process, and this side of a comic is so weird and topsy turvy. It's made me appreciate comics and graphic novels a lot more as a medium because it really does take two different literate proficiencies to make it happen - text and images. Being typically on the image-side, I take for granted that I still conceptualize stories as prose before I start making pictures. That's super weird.

Writing a graphic novel, mostly out of love but a little bit out of spite also.

Good morning! Look how cute you are. You're so cute. Look at all that.

LOL it looks like the star meme made its way here, too. Delightful!

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