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Long post; diaspora feels Show more

It has been a little while, holy buckets. I'm glad to see folks are generally doing alright!

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I've been steadily discovering my writing process, and this side of a comic is so weird and topsy turvy. It's made me appreciate comics and graphic novels a lot more as a medium because it really does take two different literate proficiencies to make it happen - text and images. Being typically on the image-side, I take for granted that I still conceptualize stories as prose before I start making pictures. That's super weird.

Writing a graphic novel, mostly out of love but a little bit out of spite also.

Good morning! Look how cute you are. You're so cute. Look at all that.

LOL it looks like the star meme made its way here, too. Delightful!

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Yay! I got an agent. I'm so pleased with this development.

I had a rough hour at work so I took a five-minute Cardi B dance break in the bathroom, and now I'm ready to do all the things.

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Well, time for another Kickstarter campaign, as it's about time I had some new Pride stories come out!

This campaign is for The Pride Adventures #5, the first collection of brand new stories since the end of volume one, plus we have an incredible guest writer in the form of Sina Grace!

You can support now here:

Please share and support!

I'm gonna be going to Seattle in a couple days, and I'm so nervous and excited. It's gonna be fun! I'm excited to see so many buds!

Also, in looking at folktales, the sentiment is largely that it's very silly to find the One True Origin of these stories. The stories are often similar, but they're supposed to tell you more about the values of the people who told the stories than the ins and outs of the actual events of the tale. All variants are valid.

I mean, I can't say for sure. A lot of these stories have a million variants over time and place, but the oldest ones tend to come from the Asian continent.

Like, Cinderella is a descendant of the Ye Xian tale, and then the Italian and French literary fairy tales about princesses becoming knights, disguising themselves as men follow the same story beats as the Hua Mulan legend. It's fun.

I fell into a fairy tale rabbit hole of princesses that become knights, and I'm realizing that a lot of the fairy stories that make it through Europe actually come from Chinese legends.

Ultimately, I'm figuring out that, like, it's okay to just enjoy things and let people enjoy things. Survivabillity is the closest thing to an Ultimate Goal in all this thinking. I want folks to be able to pursue their passions and their best selves, and that can be best accomplished by listening, learning, and being comfortable with evolving a little bit all the time. I guess that's all.

I guess I'm kind at Step 5-ish now - Just doing my best to meet people where they are. Being able to think about oppression in terms of thought exercises and theoretical approcahes is helpful to a point and useful to an even smaller point. There's not a perfect, one-size-fits-all way to do it, and I need to always be intentional and considerate about wherever I find myself in my work and the media I consume.