I’m playing Lineage 2: Revolution and I like it more than I thought I would

I've seen a lot of artists on Mastodon and your art is definitely in the top 5 of my favorites! 😍

Dotou ever live stream your drawing? Would love to look over your shoulder. In a definitely not creepy way.

Well, maybe a little creepy.

@cgcumber I am looking into getting something set up. I’m trying to figure all that out

@Trungles omg a l2 player? Its so rare to find people knowing about l2 and liking it. Sadly i havnt played in years since no time,and it got more and more confusing when i came back, but hellouuuu :) :tialove:

@Trungles and i just saw.... that its not an add on like i thought, but a game for... mobile Ö-Ö?

@tiarael oh yeah it’s Revolution, a very pared down mobile game. It’s fun though!

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