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It was taking me too long to finish the regular tarot deck, so I made finished a cutesy little one in the meantime. All the suites, all the Major Arcana. Apparently a nice way to combat project fatigue is to double your workload. 😓

I have been working on a tarot deck for like two years

I sometimes draw the rest of the Sailor Guardians, too, don’t you worry

Nowadays I draw comics. They’re bizarre-looking by industry standards, but it’s what I love to do, and the right projects seem to find me. Here’s some of a Tattercoats Project I’ve been working on.

I also draw lots and lots of because of eggheaded nerd reasons.

I have already taken for granted that this is a new space and a lot people have no idea that I do things. Hi, I went to school for art history and became a nerd. I frequently draw

Since there's a bunch of new buds here, HI THERE I'm Trungles. I make comes. I do a queer supernatural slice of life comic for my Patreon called Vampire Buddy! It's sweet and cutesy and nothing really happens.

I might be lowkey cosplaying genderbent Jubilee on a day to day basis now

Checking out the Federated timeline, however

Checking out the local timeline is pleasant

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