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It was taking me too long to finish the regular tarot deck, so I made finished a cutesy little one in the meantime. All the suites, all the Major Arcana. Apparently a nice way to combat project fatigue is to double your workload. 😓

I have been working on a tarot deck for like two years

I sometimes draw the rest of the Sailor Guardians, too, don’t you worry

I also like Zelda games a little bit

Nowadays I draw comics. They’re bizarre-looking by industry standards, but it’s what I love to do, and the right projects seem to find me. Here’s some of a Tattercoats Project I’ve been working on.

I also draw lots and lots of because of eggheaded nerd reasons.

LOL I am forever a HealMom

I play a lot of . I’m a decent Mercy Main.

I have already taken for granted that this is a new space and a lot people have no idea that I do things. Hi, I went to school for art history and became a nerd. I frequently draw

Here’s a stressful dragon

Since there's a bunch of new buds here, HI THERE I'm Trungles. I make comes. I do a queer supernatural slice of life comic for my Patreon called Vampire Buddy! It's sweet and cutesy and nothing really happens.

I might be lowkey cosplaying genderbent Jubilee on a day to day basis now

Checking out the Federated timeline, however

Checking out the local timeline is pleasant

Whoa hi! Everyone’s been so nice here on Mastodon. Nice to meet you!