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Redrew that Starlight Dress from the Allerleirauh comic to see how sensible it would be to draw it several times a page. It is not at all sensible. I'm doing it anyway. Whee!

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after a hiatus one of my favourite webcomics, The Savage Beard of She Dwarf by @kylelatino has returned with a new chapter. It's a joyful, playful genre-bending fantasy epic with a touch of Pratchett & a dose of your favourite moments from an anarchic laugh-out-loud D&D session.

dive in here:

or get started here:

Oh my god, I am so bad at invoicing people. I want to get paid, don't I? THEN WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER TO kjahshajfskjhgjd AAAAGH.

Whenever I join a social media platform of any kind, there's always this weird period of, "Oh no, I'm new here, gotta be on my best behavior," which is great, but I do like to be places for reasons. Being more deliberate about my social media spaces, just like my IRL social spaces, might be a good first step.

I'm gonna start using the Comicspace instance a bit more and keep this space as my idle doodles/rant-y space. HMU at

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Happy New Year! Was all up in florals today

Roses are red
Roses are yellow
Roses are pink
Roses are white
Roses are thorny
Roses are prickly
Roses are fragrant
Roses are flowers
I guess

Roses are rose
Violets are violet
You seem to be busy
So I'll just be quiet <3

Here’s a short comic about Valentines Day and also New Year.

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