A beautiful sight and smell on the streets of

Happy St Cyril and Methodius day everyone!

Began a fast with the Campaign in a good way this morning.

Domestic and Gender based violence can end. We can embrace and heal our communities.


Feb 13th the moosehidecampaign.ca is hosting their day of fasting. I will be joining the fast and pledge to end violence with my community here as we gather for ceremony and fasting.,

One of the most important things that you can do to help end violence against Women and Children is to promote gender equity, healthy relationships, and positive ideas of masculinity by speaking out against gender-based violence.

I'm surprised at how delighted I was when xpath on the command line became part of my work flow today!

It was an inspiring kind of cold yesterday morning that brought a sharpness to my mind and a special kind of sparkle and crunch to the snow.

I giggled every time a deep breath froze my nostrils closed for half a second.

As a young and inexperienced seminarian I was so blessed to spend 4 months living with a vibrant, brilliant and faithful 86yr old Marjorie Pearce.

She welcomed me as family, shared her life stories, hopes and fears with a vulnerability that was holy and inspiring.

12 full and rich years later she has died.

Rest eternal grant unto her O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon her as it shone through her.

🎶 5 Gold Rings!

Merry 5th day of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I enjoy the quiet of Christmas Morning in the church after the chaos of Christmas Eve.

Picture from setting up for worship in my gaudy Christmas Sweater.

Just ate a ginger cookie made with bacon grease!

Somehow perfection just got better.

First Rocket.chat and nextcloud now nextcloud joins the fediverse...

Is nextcloud is becoming quite the self hosted behemoth to rival the google leviathan


I'm not really a Grinch or Scrooge, it's just that I find the trappings of the season silly, tacky chores. I can laugh at them and enjoy a twinkling light and ribboned present but I certainly don't look forward to those things and would probably enjoy my Advent and Christmas more without them.

I feel like there are some new seasonal traditions on the way to refresh the experience in my household.

Greeted at 3am by a chorus of snowplows. Their haunting song of steel bows on concrete cellos a soft lullaby to the 6mo old I'm now trying to convince there's no need for him to snack throughout the night.

We did both drift off to a sound sleep before an early and dark morning.

Now loving a brisk and blue day!

Just a reminder that your worth is not tied to your productivity and how much money you can make a company 💗

I've always been a fan so perhaps no surprise I'm really enjoying the reboot.

The last couple years, I’ve been doing an annual tradition of tallying up what I’ve been grateful for over the year, and then donating to non-profits addressing needs in those categories.

I need something for my “misc” category! What are your favorite unique non-profits? Something funky or niche? Someone doing hyper-local work in their community? Would love your suggestions! #giving

Hi everyone, Diversitechy is putting together a tech career fair this Nov 17th in . Please help spread the words.
There are also still spots for sponsors. Hit me up if you have any Q's

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