I just wanted to say thank you and for being such an interesting, welcoming and supportive social media platform.

I don't toot lots but I read and engage from time to time and always leave the timelines with positive feelings :)

Recently I've caught a glimpse of some other advertising platforms with social media like features and the toxicity evident grew my appreciation for this part of the internet.

So thank you.

At sunrise I joined people all across Canada in a as part of the of people pledging to stand up to domestic and gender based violence.

It was a cold morning to gather around the fire and smudge.

Loads of great workshop today at moosehidecampaign.ca

Looking at the changes and I'll likely just remove all existing stops then add the complete list of stops as of April 2021.

Feels like a bit of a risk but is probably the best way and any mistakes can be fixed up as the community (although it's a small one) finds them.

Apparently in February there will be an "on-demand" bussing plan for some areas. I'm curious how that will work out and how to show it on the map...

8 years ago, shortly after moving to Edmonton, I added all the city bus stops to from the city's open data.

I use it all the time to quickly look up stops offline on my phone while out and about or trip planning.

The stops are changing in April, so I have a few weeks to try and figure out how to make the changes.

I can't even remember the names of the editors let alone how they work...

Should be fun!

I just noticed that rocketchat has a "livestream and broadcast" feature that seems to have been dormant for a bit.

I don't really know how it works or what the intended use case is for it but seeing that you're also interested in owncast I wonder if there is opportunity for an interesting integration there?

Transitioned leap 15.2 to : flawless.

I was totally amazed by how smooth it was. Way better than moving between LTS releases on Ubuntu server (which had some php issues on my install).

Just heard Lana Del Rey's rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" again.

Stunningly beautiful and inspiring.

Thank you ckua radio!


Somehow the extra 6 seconds of daytime was profoundly hopeful to me today.

I have been flattened by the pandemic and the health and safety precautions it requires. (Though our curve has not)

A bit of blue sky and frosty air lifted me more than anything has for weeks and I am incredibly grateful, maybe even cautiously looking forward to the rest of winter.

I've had such a fun time playing catch-up on

Just learned about it yesterday and have now completed both parts to the end of day 5.

My brain needs a break, but is very happy.

I've done it all in JavaScript so far, because it is easy and accessible for me.

It would be fun to do it again with another language. Maybe Perl or Python, since I know nothing about either.

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And yet the expression is one degree more made diminutive; a vapour, and fantastical, or a mere appearance, and this but for a little while neither, the very dream, the phantasm, disappears in a small time, “like the shadow that departed; or like a tale that is told, or as a dream when one waketh.”

- Jeremy Taylor, "Holy Dying" 1650

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It is but appearing; a fantastic vapour, an apparition, nothing real; it is not so much as a mist, not the matter of a shower, nor substantial enough to make a cloud; but it is like Cassiopeia’s chair, or Pelop’s shoulder, or the circles of heaven, φαινορενα, for which you cannot have a word that can signify a vernier nothing.

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‘Our life is but a vapour,’ drawn from the earth by a celestial influence; made of smoke, or the lighter parts of water tossed with every wind, moved by the motion of a superior body, without virtue in itself, lifted up on high, or left below, according as it pleased the sun, its foster-father. But it is lighter yet.

The soft blowing snow was like a tickle as I walked through the Mill Creek Ravine; it was the gnashing and roaring of the traffic that made me wince and hide behind my mask as I emerged back onto the street and on to this bus.

I can't wait for hot chocolate at home.

is very impressive!! Just testing it out on a basic vps without s3 and have had perfect performance at medium video settings with a small number of folks connected.

I'm looking forward to testing it out with a larger group.

I haven't dug in yet but am hoping there is an easy way to turn off chat.

I may just try using the embedded option for that.

Thanks to everyone who has been working on that project!

One of the many benefits of the on coming winter are gorgeous sunrises I'm actually awake to see :)

The 400 is very cool!! I only wish I had known about it a few weeks ago, having just setup my mother-in-law with a pi 4b and for her desktop pc needs.

Biking through neighbourhoods of skeletons, tombstones and ghosts I wondered why the effort to make death and the grave so scary?

Corruption and decay are surely the plague of the living.

I suppose upside of winter ending my desire to bike is an increase in my desire to toot.

That paired with waiting at the bus stop.

will be limiting free push notifications through their push gateway to 5k per month for self-hosted instances beginning Nov sometime.

I'd love to know how many notifications my instance produces on an average month. Unfortunately the "cloud communications" dashboard doesn't seem to be working as intended (my workspace is stuck on pre-registered without the statistics but push is still functioning)

Maybe a move to or is in the near future.

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