Biking through neighbourhoods of skeletons, tombstones and ghosts I wondered why the effort to make death and the grave so scary?

Corruption and decay are surely the plague of the living.

I suppose upside of winter ending my desire to bike is an increase in my desire to toot.

That paired with waiting at the bus stop.

will be limiting free push notifications through their push gateway to 5k per month for self-hosted instances beginning Nov sometime.

I'd love to know how many notifications my instance produces on an average month. Unfortunately the "cloud communications" dashboard doesn't seem to be working as intended (my workspace is stuck on pre-registered without the statistics but push is still functioning)

Maybe a move to or is in the near future.

How about free trial with office360?

Or sign up for TechNet and see if you can get an evaluation copy?

I've not encountered that issue but I suppose an annoying work around would be to use the browser...

Every blessing in the ministry you've been called to.

Oddly mostly outside my experience as a cradle Anglican and Anglican clergy person in Canada.

I'm fairly certain that calendar notifications will (unfortunately?) only work through a 3rd party caldav client. Like davdroid on android or thunderbird on desktop.

There's likely a way to set it up for email from the nextcloud server but I don't know it and it definitely doesn't happen through the browser or nextcloud clients.

Amazing!! I would be all over this, had I not replaced my laptop 3 mo ago.

my new parent experience 

A skin on skin cuddle with the little one was one of my favourite bonding experiences with lots of happy peaceful feelings and I'm told is also good to help with the little one's temperature.

Every blessing for you all and healing for Virginia.

In hope.

baby announcement! 

Congratulations!! Happiness, health and rest for you all.

The perfect satire of my actual life. The laugh was extremely healing. Thank you snl

Well done!! I just moved our youngest of 3 from rear facing to forward facing. Soon our oldest will be in a booster... slowly lighter, easier travel is emerging.

I use rocket chat but I don't know that I like it the most. More dislike it least. I mostly like how easy the install is.

I would love multiple teams, like mattermost, but don't want to change.

Zulip is great but the client is difficult to look at.

I'm having this same issue. Older version of php ...

Was there resolution for this?

I was completely amazed by the sunrise over the prairies yesterday.

An overwhelmingly large red flaming orb rose in the sky bringing an golden red aura over everything and was surrounded by enormous rainbows formed by the frost in the -27C air

I'm so thankful to have seen that beauty and will cherish it for as long as I can.

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