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So much to love about

Visually stunning, well acted and thoughtful story and character development plus nostalgia factor.

Mostly, as I approach the last birthday of my 30's I'm hoping to emerge into my own

Also I'm officiating a wedding today and am more than a bit conflicted about that.

A difficult day for me to be in Canada. Our national church synod yesterday decided our definition of marriage will not include same sex couples.

The pain of our LGBTQ2S+ members who had spoken so inspiringly during the debate was heart breaking.

This morning the tears have not ended but have changed as those same members rallied the assembly to sing praises to God who is love and calls us to love. I'm hopeful for the next discussions and prayers.

A long awaited trip to the mountains is finally here!!

It has been an incredible few weeks with months of work coming fruition.

Time to rest, refresh, and fill my lungs with air at altitude.

I celebrated a renewal of vows with the most lovely couple yesterday. Many difficult and joyful years with a fruitful love that abounded through it all.

Fruitful because they created such loving and connected community from neighbours and such deep family from strangers.

I'm a bit dismayed by how long it has been since I've posted.

I've tried to think of this space as a place to reflect, to muse and share beauty.

I have no doubt that I've known those things in abundance and variety recently but illness, the demands of daily life and a touch of malaise have kept the fleeting thoughts from finding their way here.

I'm hoping a new routine with the Spring/Summer will help me catch the fleeting moments.

AB Politics 

I just don't understand. How are coal, oil, pipelines and environmental savagery viable policy? Why are we not planning and changing to survive and thrive beyond the precipice of environmental crisis? Then there's the issue of social policy.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Happy election day fellow Albertans!!

Another opportunity to choose who oppresses us for the next 4 years

Honestly though I love voting and do try to be as actively involved politically as possible between the polling opportunities.

I'm also looking forward to tonight's coverage far more than the GOT season premier.

It was an honour today to speak with an Indigenous Studies class at Concordia. Inspiring to hear how they are living reconciliation and healing.

I'm so thankful for the hard work of generations that has finally brought us to a post TRC Canada.

I liked the snow better on my lawn, rather than in my basement 🌊

My 3yr old daughter's dream is apparently to grow up to live in an apartment near a bus stop.

I couldn't be more proud.

2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Languages - here's how you can get involved from @superlinguo

@pixelfed Loving everything about pixelfed but I can't seem to find the search anymore...

Though I have been searching for it.

I love this comic I found on r/Christianity. Thought it would be appreciated here.

A beautiful sight and smell on the streets of

Happy St Cyril and Methodius day everyone!

Began a fast with the Campaign in a good way this morning.

Domestic and Gender based violence can end. We can embrace and heal our communities.

Feb 13th the is hosting their day of fasting. I will be joining the fast and pledge to end violence with my community here as we gather for ceremony and fasting.,

One of the most important things that you can do to help end violence against Women and Children is to promote gender equity, healthy relationships, and positive ideas of masculinity by speaking out against gender-based violence.

I'm surprised at how delighted I was when xpath on the command line became part of my work flow today!

It was an inspiring kind of cold yesterday morning that brought a sharpness to my mind and a special kind of sparkle and crunch to the snow.

I giggled every time a deep breath froze my nostrils closed for half a second.

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