Statistical analysis that dares to use the word “causal” (and not as “correlation does not imply causation” lol): (Simpson’s paradox in Covid-19 case fatality rates: a mediation analysis of age-related causal effects)

Yeah for Judea Pearl!

Pas souvent que je partage du FB ici, mais là ça me semble important:

la page en question:

Certains de ces masques ressemblent quand même fort à l'avant d'un string pour hommes. Surtout pour ceux avec un gros nez.

Very pedagogical site to learn about WebGL:
(this page shows an illustrated step-by-step program execution)

Plain language explanations, of the verbose OpenGL operations, lots of examples. Wonderful!

Pourquoi les pates a pizza et les moules a tartes sont encore ronds ? Le four est carré....

Baisser son salaire pour garder son emploi ? Le gouvernement dénonce un «chantage» que ses lois ont permis
Que pèse l’«esprit» revendiqué d’une loi quand sa lettre, elle, a pour effet direct de renforcer le pouvoir patronal ? La question risque de se poser très concrètement à de nombreux salariés dans les prochains mois. [...]en vertu de la loi, l’alternative sera simple : accepter les sacrifices, ou être licenciés pour les avoir refusés. Mais ça n’est pas du «chantage».

We need to stop thinking through a capitalist prism. I don’t agree with those who claim that now is no time for politics, that we should just mobilize to survive these dangers. No! Now is a great time for politics, because the world in its current form is disappearing.

I have been looking for or thinking about something like this for a while:

It’s like a spreadsheet where you have the code, the data, the interactive visualizations in the same place.

Diff with R/Python/Julia Jupyter notebooks is that you don’t need a language backend, since it’s Javascript in the browser.

This is so enticing that I may start doing exploratory work in JavaScript instead of Julia!

Ah le middle-manager sur LinkedIn qui partage fièrement la video ou l'article insipide écrit par son CEO pour témoigner à quel point il est heureux de travailler pour une entreprise si progressiste. Priceless. (Non, ce n'est pas en Corée du Nord). Franchement, si vous n'êtes pas sur LinkedIn vous ratez quelque chose de spécial...


BREAKING: Apple and Google donate $1B each to Bail Out fund. Commit another $1B in targeted political ads for/against candidates who support/oppose the de-militarization of police and racial profiling.

Restons généraux, soyons bien certains de ne fâcher personne.

Innovation never stops here at PaleGray Labs (aka at home with my Momz Jean Paley who has been very game about sewing prototypes). Coming soon: REVERSIBLE MASKS! Hands of the Goddess on one side, Angel O' Death on the other; Life and Death, on your face. You should launder between reversing, as wearing it both ways on the same outing will supposedly reduce the masks's efficacy. But you can decide before you go out whether you feel more Goddess-y or Death-y and accessorize accordingly.


At least the dinosaurs went down gloriously, struck from the sky. We are still talking about them.

@Tryphon Godot is great for making heavy UI's too! Surprisingly, games often require complex UI's, and Godot provides the tools to manage them easily, it's editor is one example of a complex UI. This is a good article discussing it in more depth

La COP26 de Glasgow reportée à novembre 2021. Ils feraient mieux de l'annuler, de même que les suivantes.

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