I would reaaly love to see NGOs, towns, political parties, etc. setup Mastodon/Pleroma/Etc instances for their members.

I think that would greatly encourage conversations within each organization but also *across* organizations (esp. smaller ones).

Is anyone aware of campaigns to reach out to NGOs and persuade them to use AP, similar to what @fsfe is doing with its "public money" campaign? I would participate.

cc: @Gargron @cwebber @lain

@Tryphon @fsfe @Gargron @cwebber @lain I'd also love to see governments to support more wide-spread, redundant implementation of fediverse projects across the countries to disrupt the market and reduce the influence of tech-giants. I think if governments would host their own instances it would be a start, but with its own problems. A public, redundant network supported via tax benefits would be even better.

@w4tsn @Tryphon @fsfe @Gargron @cwebber @lain I think these are all good ideas. Public groups like municipal officies or NGOs are a great place for this type of technology to be put in place. They act as open forums for people to interact with, and it helps promote the idea of open source infrastructure with public money instead of private-owned solutions

@fsfe @Gargron @cwebber @lain

adaptation of ActivityPub for civics is something I am interested in pursuing actually, but first we must improve the security.
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