I have been looking for a tablet or a 2-in-1 that can run Linux and have at least the touch input and WiFi functional.

Sadly, none of the usual suspects (Dell, Lenovo, Acer) have anyting. I am not even talking about preinstalled Linux, just hardware that is supported.

Not even older models with outdated hardware. Nothing.

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@witti Thanks! I am going to try the x230t, that's indeed the most promising one. But it's not at all clear how it's going to work in tablet mode.

@Tryphon theres a german tutorial for linux on thinkpad tablets, maybe its usefull if you translate it

@Tryphon Have you looked into the older Surface Pro models?

@Normandy I have read about them, and I did not get the impression that Linux would be useable without the attached keyboard.

@Tryphon The Surface Pro 3 and older have support for multi touch and Wi-Fi, newer ones don't.

@Tryphon Look at the hardware used to build the Pwnpad. You should be able to buy the same hardware.

Last I knew, they were Nexus tablets, which are Acer hardware.

@Tryphon I am happily pounding away on my lenovo yoga 710 11 2 in 1. Everything is working well for me in linux.

@kelbot Awesome! Does it works well in tablet mode too (touch, on-screen keyboard, rotation)? Thanks!

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