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This isn't your grandma's Ames, Ames Pro comes with Regular, Italic and Bold Italic!

It's $25 / ~20€ at Fontspring
but it's 25% off until April 20, 2018 🔥



Ames, the version of the font that is free to use for independent comic creation, is also still available!

I started my first DnD campaign last fall and my sheltered wizard noble boy has learned some survival skills hiking on icy tundra but continues to not exactly burst with common sense

I'm fondly remembering an Utena movie abridged comic I drew back in 2008 for a Finnish anime magazine I contributed to semi-regularly (r.i.p. Japan Pop)

The original is in Finnish and there are puns but this fortunately works pretty well in English too :D

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Hi! I’m Anayte, I love swords and ink and play a lot of rpgs. I’m in the middle of illustrating the last chapter of Feral Gentry, a fae webcomic about change and loss. In the spaces between I illustrate our dnd adventures!
#introductions #introduction #MastoArt #dnd #rpg #webcomics

I only ever saw the first third of Danganronpa 2 so I started watching a let's play to see the rest and doodled some girls

I like the single-column Pinafore Mastodon webapp already and being able to pick color themes!

But for some reason the only emoji I can see in the Insert Emoji box are Mastodon's custom emoji :psyduck:

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For anyone who is uncomfortable with the multi-column layout of default Mastodon, check out the webapp - it's single-column with tabs.

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For this year's I'm drawing characters from indie visual novels and games that I haven't drawn before 🙌

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