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fundraising for afro-caribbean queer collective, please boost and share 

help Nosotrxs fund repairs to their new space!

Nosotrxs is an Afrofeminist queer cultural center that organizes workshops, skillshares, movie screenings, performances, drag shows, carework, and vegetarian/vegan meals for afrodescended and queer populations in the Caribbean. They are currently fundraising for repairs on their new permanent location: the estimated cost of repairs is USD $16,000.

How can you Help?
1. Contribute to our repair costs via PayPal.
2. Share our campaign with your friends and networks.
3. Learn more: tinyurl.com/nosotrxsEnglish
4. Follows NOSOTRXS on Facebook: tinyurl.com/nosotrxsFB

PayPal: @Maco428

note: please write "NOSOTRXS Repairs" in the memo line

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Twitter Algorithms Strike Again

Here is an example of the Twitter algorithms throttling traffic. A tweet was retweeted by a person with 2 million followers, but traffic did not increase. Boy is Bret Weinstein hopping mad. Now hopefully he will do something about it.


Via UncensoredNews.US/twitter

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Dropped off our cardboard recycling this morning. This drop off is next to the Animal Shelter on S. Main.

> Residents are welcome to bring any amount of cardboard to any one of our four drop off locations. West side of Civic Center, Rotary Park, Animal Shelter at 1022 S. Main, and Bursen Ball Field directly west of Ackley Park. Cardboard must be clean of any trash and be put into the marked and designated cardboard bins.

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It's pretty fucked how Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr established themselves as places to host your words and pictures so you could share them with others, and now they all lock some or all the things you post there to users only

Yeah it WOULD be nice if you could show me funny videos from Instagram, friend, but you can't and I'm sick of reminding you


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