Because we keep getting asked when a new Tusky version will be available on @fdroidorg: Fdroid works differently than Amazon Appstore or Google Play. We as the developers do not upload anything, Fdroid builds the app from source once we tag a release in our code repository. This is super awesome because you are guaranteed to get the exact code from our repo, but also takes some time on their side.

@morguldir @hj @Tusky we currently use the google distributed android toolchains. There is ongoing work to package all of this in Debian which would provide a way better trust anchor. But it's a huge take! Help welcome, if you're interested look at the Debian mobile wiki pages.

I didn't know how F-droid worked that way! It's to cool to know!! 😆

@Tusky @fdroidorg I didn't know that ! That's actually super cool to know !

@Tusky @fdroidorg it sounds a little like how all Linux package managers work. Package maintainers on the distribution's end package upstream.

Is it possible for someone on the Tusky side to help package it?

@thinkMoult @Tusky 2.0 is built but there is a problem with publishing at the moment. (See latest #twif)

It will hopefully be live very soon.

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