Tusky 3.0 has been released on Google Play and Amazon, @fdroidorg should follow soon.
New features include a black AMOLED theme and the possibility to edit account fields.
Read the full releasenotes here:

@Tusky I am looking for a fix regarding SSL library issue on Android 4. I have read the github issue on the same and it's been considered the least priority. Because of this issue, I am not able to use tusky. I am recommending tusky to new comers but I myself not able to use it. I am not a good android developer but I can learn and may try to fix it. I will take a look at how Mastalab handles it and might try to come up with a fix.

@JoergSorge No no, it should work with all mastodon servers. maybe some hick-ups though, but we try to straighten them out where we can.

@Tusky @JoergSorge It also works with other services, which implement the Mastodon API like Pleroma and soon Pixelfed(?)

It presents only a input field for a instance, but I can't connect to it.

@JoergSorge @Tusky Typing in and pressing the button worked for me and opened up my browser, with the login form of the instance.
@JoergSorge @Tusky Well, this certainly looks like a bug. You could ask on your local timeline, if people there have the same experience.

Hopefully this problem is resolved quickly, because Tusky is really a great app :)

@JoergSorge @shibayashi Hey, so the issue here is most likely that you're on an old Android version, which isn't supported by your server, because of SSL/HTTPS

Your server only speaks 1.2, while older versions of Android are stuck on 1.0 and 1.1.

Full discussion is available here:

Hi, thanx for investigation. I'm using #cyanogenmod. And, you are right, i'ts a old one. But with #mastalab I can log in...

@Tusky Looks good. You might want to modify or disable the "Edit profile" function for Pleroma users. Doesn't appear to pull up my bio data. Thanks! @fdroidorg

@Tusky @fdroidorg Is it possible to use the "Dark" theme and have it turn to "Black" at sunset?

@electrotamitha This is not on the roadmap at the moment, as we have some masto features we need to catch up with first.

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