It's time to make this official:

Hi, I'm @maloki, and I've joined the team.

My main focus will be answering you questions here, (check out our pinned posts), working on a FAQ, and figure out funding avenues.

I'll also work with the rest of the team @ConnyDuck , @charlag and other contributors, to move the project forward by listening to your feedback and trying to make your experience even better.

@maloki a bot that not working anymore have that functionality, do that in like the lists

@Florencio Ahhh :) I thought you meant that the #MastoApp hashtag was lackluster (and it was)

@succfemboi I wont take support questions on this account :D

@succfemboi It got stuck because it didn't build. We're on it.

@Tusky @ConnyDuck @charlag

A) I'm so hyped
B) congrats @maloki
C) I'll put money in the pot
D) I have some amount of feedback but let's get C) sorted first :D

@kyzh That's my plan, still do daily support, but also start planning setting up funding, so we can all get a little something for our work.

A massive congratulations @maloki You've been helping people without appropriate recognition for quite some time. It's truly exciting to see your valuable community building and nurturing spirit brought to the @Tusky FOSS project. I hope it leads to even bigger things for all involved

@ConnyDuck @charlag

@Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag
Nice! May I ask you for guidance about feature requests?
Does the team prefer to to talk about something **here ** or only on github issues?

@guntbert we're going to talk about workflow today. I'll try to get back to you.

@guntbert in the meanwhile, feel free to talk about thoughts and ideas under the #Tusky
As I do monitor it

Thx for the info - and there isn't anything urgent 😊

@Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag

Searched, couldn't find a FAQ or user forum. Trying to figure out how to open DMs in Tusky, also poked around the app thoroughly first, no luck...

@DJ_Pure_Applesauce DMs are currently in notifications, iirc, more in line with how the web-ui used to be. @Tusky @ConnyDuck @charlag

@Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag Open source isn't about political censorship or control of peoples' speech. I knew when the big tech companies started getting involved in open source that the censorship would eventually arrive. People with that mindset should go back to closed source coding and walled gardens.

@fossviking yes, yes, tech is inherently apolitical, a-ha, please go away now

@charlag the Bay Area is political, but most of what is done there is regurgitate old ideas and take credit for others work.

@fossviking @Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag Lord, y'all are boring.

Reconsider your position and your life. You're in the wrong. The only person here telling someone they're not free to express themselves is YOU.

@noelle @Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag take it to Facebook. we don't do Oceania INGSOC here in open source land

SV will gladly kiss anyone in thr ass who has money.

you. Dare told us. Where to go. Because you're such a protector of the oppressed (*cough* nazis). They will organize shootigs and spread hate and you will gladly say that it's okay. Fuck you. Get out of here.

@charlag your lyins slander and foul language make you sound like a complete idiot.

@Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck I'd be also happy finding some FAQs for these few people (like me...) who never used that bird app (guess why) - as I'm wondering about essentials like "how can I mark a post as read and remove from my list without muting the sender", or "how can I just get a view onto people I follow", essentials like this giving me yet a rough start here...

@ceha ohh I like these suggestions! I'll get on it next time I work on it (which should be soon) @Tusky @ConnyDuck

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