Toot, toot!

Tusky has opened an Open Collective, where you can support the development, translations and support work!

We offer a $12/ year tier, which is the symbolic "if everyone who uses the app can pay $1/month".

As well as, a backer tier, and a sponsor tier!

@DarckCrystale @hund @Liberapay Open Collective is more transparent, and it's easier to put the money towards additional stuff. :)

Both would be Paypal in the bottom. Both are open source.

@DarckCrystale @hund As I said, More transparent, and easier to redirect the money to other people if we need to. If we have the funds, we can pay other people too. Not just have the money immediately divided.

@Tusky Do I get cute pictures of wooly mammoths in my app if I join?

@OniriCorpe thank you for the recommendation.
Open collective helps with a lot of the overhead as well, which is one of the reasons we chose it.

@Tusky Wow somebody just donated a thousand dollars!

@Tusky I can not log into the account.
I am writing the node and throws me in the chrome browser.
What for?
I do not use spy chrome.
Mastalab entered the account without any problems.

@wsee for authentication?

Is that part of it not working?

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