5 beta 1 is live for all beta testers on Google Play!
Read the full changelog here:
Please report us all bugs so we can release a stable Tusky 5.0 for everybody soon!

@Tusky endlich, ich freue mich schon so sehr auf ein Update ☺️ 👍

May I just mention that your icon is one of the most adorable things ever.


@Tusky cool, works great so far. this release has a much better performance on my phone though i never really complained about that 👍

@Tusky the caching feature is *very* nice, thanks for that! Will keep testing tomorrow as well :flan_cool:

@Tusky I'll try it from F-Droid :)

I don't have Google Play installed :flan_laugh:

@Tusky found the first bug: if you're on the splash screen and disconnect from the internet the app crashes

@koyu cannot reproduce :/
Any chance you can send me a stacktrace?

@koyu Can you give me exact steps on how you get the crash? What Android?

@ConnyDuck Android 6.0 (API Level 23). I start the app and right at the splash screen I cut the internet connection (which is a pretty short time) and the app crashes. It's a minor bug and hard to reproduce since you have to cut the internet connection right at these couple of seconds time.

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