6 is now available on all app stores :blobcat:

@nvsr @Tusky I also seem unable to upload pictures on this instance but that might just be this instance being weird.

@nvsr @Tusky interesting one: it only crashes on the home timeline. Notifications, local and federated timeline work just fine.

@nvsr @Tusky going from notifications to the home timeline is also working. Apparently it only crashes when I open it to home timeline? Very weird. I'll see if it still happens now that I've managed to get to the home timeline this way.

@nvsr @Tusky seems to work fine now. I would love to tell you how to reproduce this, but I have no idea.

@Tusky how do we login with the app? No idea what my instance is

@mcbelisle If you want to use this account, its

@Tusky List editing is nice. But it would be even better if it would be available from user's profile. I'd like to see which lists this user is member of and to be able to add/remove lists from there.

@Tusky Relly thanks for your app and your work for #accessibility ! I like the new timeline, but with #talkback on #android (Pie) i can't access to the button for reply, boost, or like ! can you fix it for the next release ? Thanks !

@Tusky "This app is incompatible with your device." for a OnePlus One with Android 6

@ofaurax thats weird o_0
What appstore are you using?

@ofaurax does it work if you download it from fdroid or directly from our homepage?

@Tusky did you change your key for signing the app? F-droid detects I have version 1.5, but I can't update due to different key (google play?). I don't remember if I got it from Play or F-droid

@ofaurax Fdroid and Google Play releases have different keys. The one on our homepage has the same key as Google Play.

@Tusky ok it was my fault : I took it from F-droid, but auto-update was disabled (?), and it appears the signing key has changed since 1.5 (perhaps to use the same for google play?). Reinstall solved the case. Thanks for the support

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