If you want to help testing , there are two options for you:

Prior to every major release, we make a beta version available for a few days. It contains all changes for the release and should already be quite stable. You can sign up for beta versions on Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/det


We also have a more experimental "nightly" version that gets updated after each feature or bugfix we finish. It may contain untested code and quite a few bugs, use it at your own risk. It is a different app so it can be installed alongside stable . Nightly is on Google Play play.google.com/store/apps/det and there is a custom F-Droid for it releases.nailyk.fr/repo/

If you encounter problems with any version, please send us a bug report! We prefer GitHub, but telling us here on Mastodon is also fine. A good bug report includes a detailed description and the instance, Android & Tusky version used. If you can include the steps how to reproduce the problem, its usually very easy for us to fix the issue.

We are really happy about everybody testing and helping to make better. Thank you so much, this open source project would not be possible without you!

@Tusky Thanks for your good work. Are you considering adding Twitter support?


Twitter has different API than Mastodon/Pleroma.

There are more than 1 app for Twitter support on Fdroid and I use them.

Twitter has started limiting the features of it's API in favour of it's official app.

So, it may not wise to focus on Twitter support, I suggest.

@ntnsndr @Tusky

@ntnsndr yes and we decided not to support any proprietary Api

@Tusky I see. It's too bad. I love your app but I would use it more if I could do both at once. It would make switching to Masto more seamless. but I appreciate your concerns. Especially given the restrictions on the Birdsite API that @noorul mentions.

@Tusky why does the nightly gplay have a different company name?

@Secstodon stable is hosted on Tusky creators profile, nightly on the profile of the current maintainer. Was easier to set up this way.

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