7 beta 1 (yes, polls) has been released.
Please report us any problems so we can fix them and release Tusky 7 for everyone soon!
Full changelog on GitHub:

@Tusky I assume you're able yo read any crash reports I send?
I just sent one that is unrelated to the update, as it also happened before :)

@Tusky also, the new clear and filter buttons in the notifications tab feels very heavy considering I never use the corresponding features in the webclient. Is there a way to disable them or make them smaller?

@Tusky @zatnosk yes we see all crash reports, I regularly see through them

@zatnosk @Tusky I would appreciate that too, I find them rather irritating and too prominent. Maybe there could be a little menu to pop out instead? 3 dots style or something?

@Tusky Are we still awaiting functionality to create polls in Tusky?

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