Did you know what in you can default blob emoji?


ยท ยท Tusky ยท 4 ยท 13 ยท 27

@bb010g @Tusky that's a good question.

I'd like to think we should add more full suit emoji sets, but I'll have to have a chat with the gang

@bb010g would you want to make an issue for it on the github? (if not I'll do it, just not today)

@Tusky @ConnyDuck do you mean i can uninstall the system-wide blobmoji icon pack now ๐Ÿ‘€

@piggo @Tusky I don't know which system wide emoji pack you are talking about, but Tusky supports different emoji fonts since a while

@ConnyDuck I don't remember how, but I changed the Android emojis back to blobs. Never heard of emoji packs in Tusky??
@ConnyDuck I uhh think it was via Xposed or something like that
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