Before I go off to celebrate Midsummer by being in bed sick (Swedish woes), I want to share a small update.

will keep blocking servers which actively promote fascism. This in particular means Gab.

We will get our next release out just in time for the 4th of July.

Don't even try to debate us about Free Speech. This is our speech, exercising views. And we will keep doing it :toot:

We will post a bigger update at a later time about what this all really means.


@inditoot Do you know what Gab is? Everyone is seems to be blocking it.

@Tusky Oh nazis!!!

@inditoot Please add a blocklist in our instance as well.

@inditoot @Tusky

I already knew about the Dissenter extension. When Firefox blocked it there was a huge uproar on reddit.

@inditoot @Tusky

You wouldn't know when Free speech turns into Fake news. It's has its benefits and downsides as well.

@inditoot @Tusky

Twitter is just Anti Hindu..... They supports terrorists but silences anyone voice who questions them... It's not about that. It's about moderating some evil minded community as well. There is a huge difference between us and Neo Nazis.(Antifa)

@inditoot @Tusky
Some are calling for server level ban as well. For the world we are always the punching bags, our whole civilisation which was the best in the world got ruined, destroyed for their vested evil interests. They copied our science and made them their own. We didn't complain.

@inditoot @Tusky And yet we don't say someone is a children of Satan. We are the people of colour as well.

Gab what I read in wiki link that @tusky shared, if true, is going to cause a serious problem in the fediverse.

@inditoot @Tusky I'm talking about 2018 shootings which tusky shared. That's dangerous man.

@inditoot @Tusky You got a point here. Even though how will you decide others are innocent and won't turn up like the one verified gab user did?

@inditoot @jeff @Tusky

You got that right. If someday, tusky block us as well, I will fork it. It's a very good app.


Have you seen it? It's a nazi hate paradise.. This isn't free speech anymore it's just assault.

@akarshanbiswas @Tusky

@snder @inditoot @Tusky

He didn't see it and neither do I. That's why we are discussing here.


You can browse the public timeline and there are enough websites with examples haha.. Trust me, you don't what that in your public feed when it hits ;)

@akarshanbiswas @Tusky

@Tusky Will this block be limited to fascism or will it include other instances which show unwelcome behaviour on the fediverse?

@Tusky Fascism seems to sometimes be used as a smear term. Can you explain what you mean exactly (linking to a definition is fine if that's what you really mean).

@Tusky that's the spirit! willl check out tusky in a few minutes! 🎆

@Tusky I'm pretty new to fediverse stuff and was gonna try a bunch of clients just to be thorough... But fuck it, I think I found my brand! Keep up the good work Tusky

@Tusky Appreciate this... Everyone needs to find their own way, and we really shouldn't feel that we have the right to demand that developers do one thing or another. The biggest thing I *hate* with development stuff (mostly from a user's perspective) is when the developers decide one update to do something one way, the next a different way, and it just keeps changing.

@Tusky what does this mean wr/t servers like freespeechextremist? will they be blocked too?
@tuxcrafting @Tusky basicly tusky is nonfree software from now on as this violates freedom 1. We need to end this mobile phone dependence and move people to laptops and desktops anyway, it's better for privacy and stops fascist software devs from trying to control the userbase.
@jeff @Tusky @nepfag @p @tuxcrafting I hope mastodon becomes incompatable with pleroma as alot of the mastodon community is against the concept of freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom from copyright. Free software ETC.
@JapanAnon @jeff @nepfag @Tusky @tuxcrafting @p @louisoft01 literally just find the line where it says gab, put in an arbitrary nonexistent domain name (in case code was built in a way that removing the gab blocking line produces errors), build, and you're good to go.
@JapanAnon @tuxcrafting @p @jeff @Tusky @louisoft01 @nepfag you can distribute the apk binaries you built so others can use them. Everyone's happy.
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