So if we add a "always expand all content warnings" option to , should it be a general option (applies to all accounts) or an account setting (can be customized for each account you are logged in with)?

@Tusky Account level, as people tend to use different accounts for things that might have different norms around CW's.

@Tusky DEFINITELY per-account. My main acct would be fine to expand CWs on but my alts sometimes get some stuff I really definitely don't want to happen upon in mixed company. Plus the granularity of control is always nice.

@Tusky Showing CW'd images is an account config, so it makes sense for a similar config for content warnings to follow the same pattern

@Tusky Per-account, and maybe even per-user.

(As in, there's some users that post things that I really want hidden behind a CW when I'm at work, but I generally want CWs always popped except for those cases.)

@Tusky Well, in the best-case scenario, it should just sync with the option available in the standard UI, so definitely per account. :)

@Tusky by the way, just chiming in to let you guys know I appreciate your work a lot and love Tusky 💙

@Tusky Both? A global default, and per account a tristate setting "use default/open/close"

@Tusky Both. And switching "general" shouldn't change the account specific settings and vice versa.

@Tusky account specific, but both and per account opt in/out vice versa are also a good usability.

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