Which distribution do you use?

@Tusky F-Droid right now but I would love to discover a different repo to use x

@cyriac creating polls will land in Tusky 9 (next release)

@Tusky Play, because beta. F-Droid for stable. Direct APK download — too much hassle. What is Amazon?

@Tusky thank you for the reminder. switched from play to f-droid in this moment.

@Tusky Google Play but only because i was too lazy to install Fdroid on my new phone

@Tusky F-Droid because the less I have to depend on Google's overcentralized crappy spyware service, the better.

@Tusky I didn't know Tusky is available in direct apk, happy to read this (apps have to be downloadable at minimum 2 places. The official website is the most logical, moreover it's a free app :-D)

Thank you for this app !

@Tusky I like #Fdroid / @fdroidorg because it is committed to follow the #GNU #FSDG to some extent, and as such I can trust that I'm getting #FreeSoftware / #LibreSoftware, that is: that I have the possibility to control my own material environment. #SoftwareLivre #SoftwareLibre

@Tusky What? Am I the only one who downloads tusky manually? lololol

@Tusky Probably will start using the F-Droid version again once Tusky can deal with not having a connection for a while like literally every email program ever can.

@zem You always get the same code. Fdroid is sometimes a bit slow with distribution and GPlay does some optimization to minimize appsize.

@Tusky I always forget which one I'm using. Both stores (F-droid and gplay) tell me a version is installed, but I don't know from which store. Is it possible to find out from a running system?

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